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  1. Macaques are oddly semi aquatic. We're I live there's a colony of hundreds living in a protected mangrove forest by the ocean.

  2. You're not wrong. The most grimdark thing about them is their leadership mind controlling the nation into doing everything for the Greater Good, thus suppressing individuality. Which is most factions on a good day.

  3. Dr Seuss also did various wwii propaganda pieces where he drew stereotypes that were kinda racist

  4. he then regretted this and made multiple explicitly anti war children's books tho...

  5. due to the law of conservation of energy, the matter and energy that makes up you will always exist. Thus, you don't cease to exist, you simply change, become a part of everything all at once, something your conscious can't comprehend at the moment, but I don't think it's truly nothing at all

  6. unrealted but i had a couple of birds that lived in my balcony. one night they freezed to death

  7. since it is done by professionals I feel like this is a genuinely good, if not kinda goofy idea

  8. I held the line and kept everyone at home safe a bit longer. I can rest peacefully in His grace

  9. yeah like 5 milliseconds longer lmfao, lucky for you there's a couple thousand more guardsmen between him and his destination

  10. 5 milliseconds times 1000 (a 1000 guardsmen) is 5 whole seconds. Which means we collectively gave the Imperium (Praise the Emperor) 5 more seconds of life. Praise the Emperor!

  11. hey that might be enough time for a space marine dropped to arrive and hopefully contain a named space marine!

  12. I'm late to this thread but 10-15 random pills you found around the house gang let's go....this is definitely a bad idea I hope your feeling better now

  13. with gong is a type of chinese martial arts portrayed in chinese novels

  14. imperial japan had human experimentation, genocide, and suicide bombings widely in use as they conquered the rest of Asia. This is essentially making a joke at the expense of Nazis. It's fine

  15. I always underestimated Jar of Flies until someone said it was just the active version of Infestation 2 and that realization makes me take it any time I see it

  16. there is no better feeling than unloading 20 flies on some poor unsuspecting floor boss

  17. Ya know, that sounds reasonable and makes sense until you remember Corax was the only Primarch who hated Horus and (iirc) literally swore never to fight alongside or under him again.

  18. kind of like how Malala hated the other chaos gods...wonderful

  19. Weapons such as swords/knives/bows are a pretty big strength equalizer.

  20. Yeah, you know what you get if you keep ramping up the frequency of the radiation above 5G levels? You just get infra-red energy. Literally just the stuff that normal, room-temperature objects are bombarding you with at levels you can actually feel on your skin. Scary stuff.

  21. Doesn't the actual sun also blast you with "high frequency beams" that you kinda need to use to see things?

  22. If a dog like this were any other consumer product, it would be recalled and discontinued.

  23. Imagine if they made a gun or knife like this, randomly breaks out of the drawer to go shoot and stab living things. Prefers children :)

  24. I know:( but the problem now is, i feel horrible for taking it and by now its family is long gone, i dont want him/her to grow up all alone like i did

  25. That turtle would have eaten its siblings if it grew a Lil faster than them

  26. I mean... It is harmless and painless so princess is nicer than my bastard cats and turtles who compete to see who can bite my hand the hardest when I give them food

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