1. So I posted this in the other thread (yesterday?) Where Jordan was baiting her as she showed off kids clothes.

  2. It's almost as if we're seeing 'abusive escalating male partners 101' playing out in real time and dumb dumb Britt is posting it in real time and not realising it because she posts everything and anything......

  3. Is this the one that said 'home with a midwife and vaginal birth or nothing, you NOT-MOTHERS bitches ain't shit if you went to a hospital got drugged up and had a c-section cause god will make it fine' then omitted having a c-section and i guess it must now be fine with all that because it happened to her so she understands now, sorry not sorry.

  4. "Lol women and their constant talking, telling me how i'm a disappointment and that they do all the work, having emotions and opinions when they should be busy doing womens work, women are nags and should be seen and not heard, right?"

  5. DFPS put all of the documents on the website. None of them look like this or have this formatting.

  6. I wonder if this could be evidence that legally could get her in trouble, misrepresenting foster agencies?

  7. The AMA said she knows they are going through the state and not some creepy agency. I just have a hard time believing it. Not because I wouldn’t put it past Texas to give them a baby.

  8. Same, i don't think either even want kids. Ok, maybe the man. But in the movie night once a week and catch on the weekend way.

  9. This is just so…lazy. She doesn’t own any of these dresses. She’s not posting reviews or collabs—she’s literally just putting a link in her story to get commission. Seriously how do her followers not realize she only cares about 🤑🤑🤑??

  10. There really should be a web browser extension that reminds you of sneaky links, and warns you before you buy that this person is getting a commission because you pressed a link.

  11. Because being at the center aligns u with something is my guess. It is crazy how the height and dimensions of the pyramid reflect the equator and stars and shit

  12. I read the comment before i looked at the picture, damn you guys are right.

  13. I can admit BDong was really pretty years ago before she went nuts with whatever she does to herself. People have shared old photos here and I didn’t even know it was her. To a degree I feel bad for people who change their appearance THAT much, that’s some next level insecurities when you end up looking like a whole different person.

  14. Honestly, i bet she's still pretty. But older, and does her best to look older, but not look like old fitness scammer her, but i think she still does 70+% of everything she did before.

  15. And didn’t her first husband - the one she cheated on - say she didn’t even eat that pizza?

  16. Honestly, i think she could easily have faked this whole scenario, and i wouldn't believe anything unless i saw it with my own to eyes at this stage. She could be filming that from the drive way and borrowed the dog.

  17. I feel like she hasn’t realized this is an option. I think her plan is to photograph around the child’s facial features. I WISH she was just going to pretend to foster. Go ahead Bdong! Tell us all about it. Just please leave the real children alone.

  18. I think people like to assume she's dumb, but you'd be surprised. Plus, someone could have just told her what to do, like her husband.

  19. I find it very icky the way they use foster 'parents'. I know it's likely very common, but surely 'temporary guardian' would ve more apt? Unless there's psychological reasons relating to the child as to what terminology should be used.

  20. One parents born into land and money, the other working - but has new money, or perhaps especially esteemed for what they do such that the rich find the parent a worthy colleague, they are patronaged/hired by these people, and the children grow to be friends.

  21. Looks like she deleted the video--her page is showing 0 vids. My guess? She assumed she'd stay relatively under the radar and that everyone had forgotten about what happened last year, and that proved not to be the case.

  22. Go speak to brittany dawn....the internet doesn't forget .....some things anyway....

  23. As a lurker, i'm sure there are legit people who wind up on this sub.

  24. You are hilarious and really brightened up my day! Fellow ADHD person here :)

  25. I couldn't imagine if the dog went for the eyeballs, so uncomfortable!

  26. Maybe listen to what all of the women here are saying.

  27. Are you assuming that i'm not also a woman because i don't have the same vehement opinion?

  28. Now that you mention it that's actually really insidious. To refuse to foster anyone but one young child with no siblings, removed from their parents - young so they'd forget said parent, i guess so she can raise her hand and say 'yes we'd love to be given this baby'.

  29. My aunt & uncle fostered a baby. They're pro-life catholics and have a lot of money, and she was a stay at home mom with older kids, so they said they'd take any child or children. For whatever reason, they were given a healthy, white baby, i.e. the most coveted.

  30. Well that's good to hear, but it also sucks to hear that a child can be with a family for years that can't/won't adopt them. It's kinda sick how complicated it can seem to get a child loving forever parents, that they get put on a list - like for people who checked a box saying young white child please.

  31. Maybe it's filters, but she doesn't look bad here. I just think that she does this look to seperate herself as much as possible from old 'caught grifting' her. Even looking older to contrast her 'i was young and instagram was new' apology video.

  32. My state has these. I work in social work and the kids who are "listed" have very serious challenges and barriers, like adoptive parent SA'd them and they now SA any foster siblings, pets, peers etc. so they can't get placed.

  33. Forgive what i'm about to say, but fuck those people for effectively 'ruining' that child. I don't think i could be strong enough to do social work, kudos to you.

  34. My mind says: "terminates parental rights". They legally abandoned their kid to the state.

  35. What is fostering/adoption if not “legal” kidnapping though? Like on a most basic level…let the downvotes commence.

  36. I mean technically you're right. But there are situations where anyone else should take care of the kid....

  37. Agree 100%. Absolutely playing devils advocate here simply bc I cannot stand this sad beige bitch cosplaying mommy blogger.

  38. Ahh ok, i took it a little literally. You're saying what others are saying, it is not a happy thing that a child needs to be fostered, and be like 'about to get a kid for an indeterminate amount of time because 'insert horrible reasons they shouldn't have to suffer' but hey, i'll get to finally play mommy so this is great! FUCK YEAH praise god for answering MY prayers!"

  39. No wanting to see someone freak out at spiciness is all in good fun as long as nobody feels bad in the end

  40. Ahh well, as long as we're all on the same page, then you're right, all in good fun 🤣😈🔥

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