1. That cashier had the chill level of either someone who has been robbed a bunch of times before or hates his boss and is happy to give the money away.

  2. The risk in waiting is you might having to book something more expensive or less desirable. In extreme cases you might have to change your itinerary around because a whole city is booked or prices are hiked up for some event. Personally I would try to stay a few weeks ahead in bookings, and getting refundable reservations when possible. Always book rooms and train/plane to the city at the same time if you can.

  3. CO bet pot, BTN called. CO must put in the pot amount. I could also see CO being required to put all their chips in depending on house rules since it was accepted action.

  4. My inner voice will sometimes switch to that of someone I know or a fictional character. I don't think it's that uncommon.

  5. I've done it. It did not help, but it was something to do at a time when I wasn't really able to do much else.

  6. When you check in online it should either give you a boarding pass or let you know that you have to go to the counter. If you get a boarding pass just go to the gate.

  7. What part of South America? Some counties seem safe, others are having a bit of unrest right now. The price difference could be partially because of that, or because it's off season.

  8. Walmart resets their brands often. A couple of years ago they sold Hyper Tough, now it's Hart, a few years from now it might be something else. You might not be able to get more tools to match your batteries and service/parts might be hard to find. Milwaukee will still be around and they have a huge array of tools that go with the batteries. Even if the quality were equal I'd go with Milwaukee. I haven't looked into it, but I doubt the quality is equal.

  9. It's a souvenir. No cash value, never been used in any sort of real game.

  10. They will probably have to run classes to get enough dealers. Queens and Yonkers will each need 200+ dealers and there just aren't that many sitting waiting for them to open. So I would not pay for a school (unless discounted) until there is an actual opening date announced. From what I've heard it might be at least another year.

  11. It's a bit of a walk, but Polo Towers is a pretty good value.

  12. It's still going to hit you fairly suddenly then gradually fade out. Once you get your dosage figured out you can dial it in for a more subtle high though. Get some 5 or 10 mg edibles and give them a try on a day where you don't need to be anywhere.

  13. For me it's migardener first, then Baker Creek for anything they don't have.

  14. Where in PA? I'm in NY and used to travel all over. I've heard tips at Wind Creek aren't great, the Philly and Pittsburgh rooms should be good.

  15. Thanks for input , around Phili yes. Yeah I guess just wondering , a lot of dealers seem miserable and I have heard complaints about limited breaks etc.

  16. Oh and about the breaks - I'm usually the type to complain about having too many breaks because I only make money when I'm in the box. Others like to coast.

  17. There is definitely burnout in this job. Poker tends to attract difficult people and there's little sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. But like I said, the money is good and as long as you have something else going on in your life it can be worth it.

  18. It would hurt me a lot in my current job. It would help the people I work with that suck at their job. My tips are more directly tied to speed/proficiency than other types of jobs, though.

  19. A few months should have near zero impact. Do what you have to do.

  20. I just leave mine on, but like most people here I haven't actually done any sort of trial to see what works best. They should have an internal thermostat to keep it at 80 and it's a tiny amount of power.

  21. Take 10mg or less. You might trip hard, you might just fall asleep, or it might do nothing at all. If it does nothing, do not take more until at least 2 hours after your last dose. It can take that long to hit.

  22. ...which also has Bed Bath and Table. No beyond for you!

  23. Track down and talk to some other gardeners who use the plot. They will be more than happy to talk your ear off about what has or hasn't worked for them, what pest issues there are, etc.

  24. If they're giving away seats as a promo in cash games, it will usually be for the earlier flights. Those players usually don't play a lot of tournaments.

  25. If it's a job that doesn't require someone to be present 100% of the time then yes it's unreasonable. If it does, there should be some way to get coverage for emergencies.

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