1. I say this with no exaggeration, in my darkest, darkest days, his comedy videos, skits and interviews kept me going.

  2. It gives you the 2000 coins which you can use to buy the next two battle passes. To my knowledge, this is how it works.

  3. Jacket, sweater, blanket, coffee and late night movies.

  4. I will buy Evil Dead the game, thanks in advance if i win!

  5. Not sure how to take this news, Battlefield lost so many good developers and BF2042's supreme failure shows that, i hope OW2 keeps going strong.

  6. "Tremendous Opportunity" .... look at BF2042, then look at EA's statement again.

  7. Every time he says something he comes off depressed and whatever he says sounds like a buzzkill.

  8. No better than AC3 or Black flag. Kill moves look stupid on stairs or against small walls. I’d just place the whole game right under AC3 in my personal tier list of the games, as far as combat goes at least.

  9. Thanks for the reply man, i reckon combat was okay in 3 and Black Flag, it was good in Syndicate too, it got clunkier in later games.

  10. If we wanted to listen to spoons and forks being screeched on plates we can just go to kitchen.

  11. Fun fact, most helis are 1 hit kills if you boost at the underside of the chopper. Enjoy ☺️

  12. This was happening with me yesterday, i tried to flank them, took down maybe 2 or 3 enemy team's players lol, the onslaught is real.

  13. Same, there could be at least 5 medics in my vicinity when i'm down and no one revives me.

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