1. Absolutely gorgeous. I would kill for this to be an official colourway by Pulsar for the V3.

  2. What phone are you referring to, and did you buy it from a reputable dealer?

  3. I haven't tried Geekbench. I've tried speed test. You can see my post history to figure out which phone I'm talking about.

  4. The Note 11 is a better phone in basically every aspect than the A03S, so you'll notice a good increase in performance in all areas.

  5. My pick is Lucky Chicken Rice at Lucky Plaza and I haven't had anything that I would consider better yet. Mid-pricing I would say.

  6. Boon Tong Kee's chilli sauce sucks though. Too overly sweet.

  7. I agree. For me, Lucky is the perfect package of chicken, rice, chilli, ambience, and staff (auntie comp-ed my rice before).

  8. If the battery is bloated, it means it's literally physically bloated. Nothing to do with what it powers. It may be making contact with the display and the additional "pressure" can cause displays to malfunction.

  9. Nobody knows for sure except Blizz themselves, but all signs point towards reruns for all store skins. Even OWL ones get put back in occasionally.

  10. Surround yourself with more "English" English, like British or American shows/media/online content, basically people who speak proper British or American English (whichever u prefer, or both).

  11. Removing expandable storage has a very very simple reason. The vast, and I mean VAST, majority of people who purchase Samsung phones, or any smartphone from any company, does not care or even understand what expandable storage or what a MicroSD card is. And therefore, it's somewhere Samsung can cut to save some money. Even better, they can upsell higher storage models.

  12. And that's great for you. I'm glad you managed to salvage the data on it. However, I personally don't mind that it's gone.

  13. Police or any legal method (town council included) will likely tell you exactly what you don't want to hear, which is to sort it out between yourselves or escalate to mediation which is basically the same thing with extra steps.

  14. Before the hostilities he used to accumulate lots of trash in bags and leave them outside the house in the walkway. It started to attract pests and birds. I confronted him (in a polite but firm manner) and asked him to clear it, and he took offense with that. He did end up clearing it of course but he held a grudge since then.

  15. If this is the case, then yeah, you just got really unlucky with who your neighbour is. He may be one of those stubborn older people who take any form of "pushback", no matter how trivial, as provocative and an insult towards them. Like one of those aunties that gets angry when someone tells them you can't put your feet up on the bus chairs.

  16. It all boils down to gambling at the end of the day. High risk high reward. Everyone wants to be the one that wins and not the rest that loses.

  17. If you were chasing status, wouldn't you just get an Ultra that looks unique?

  18. So the settings in Windows 11 are out of 20. Was it updated recently or something? Mine is at 10/20.

  19. Mine are still out of 11. I'm on Win 11 as well.

  20. Google Pay for Android or Apple Pay for iOS.

  21. I stopped buying Samsung after I heard they program the phone to fall apart after a year or so.

  22. Do you have any evidence for that claim?

  23. I'm not the guy that you're replying to, but off the top of my head it's mainly the better camera hardware and WQHD display. Or the S-Pen stuff if you use them. Oh and the slightly larger battery.

  24. Should it be perfectly safe to charge a phone that uses a USB-C port with a USB-C to USB 2.0 adapter (so I can comfortably plug it into my PC/my old wall charger)?

  25. Perfectly safe. The phone only draws what it needs.

  26. The weird spacing in the first few texts is enough to convince me it's a scam or at least some sort of unsolicited approach to get you to sign up for something.

  27. Phones don't "slow down" after 2 years regardless if it's running Android or iOS. It's almost entirely down to the user's behaviour that affects a phone's performance, nowadays anyway, with modern Android.

  28. I set it to off and it has never scanned before (or so it says). Never got another prompt to enable it so all's good. I just don't want anything McAfee running on my phone.

  29. Go to settings, then security and privacy (or something like that), the you see this:

  30. Ah I see it, thanks. Mine is set to Off and to never scan, I assume that means McAfee is not running, or at least not doing anything worthwhile.

  31. Is this an US carrier phone thing? I don't think I've seen McAfee on any of my Samsung phones.

  32. Do you use wireless charging? I just stumped on this post and I'm deciding between the defender and commuter. I have the defender now for my S20 but I would say the wireless charging sometimes doesn't work

  33. I haven't used a defender for a couple months but I never really had an issue with wireless charging. Once I figured out the sweet spot on my charger it was all good, regardless of the case.

  34. PMAs are legal and allowed basically everywhere, even on MRT if they're within size. They are effectively motorised wheelchairs for those with disabilities. You need certification to buy one.

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