1. It's pretty crazy nowadays how expensive housing are in London. I remember many years ago I used to rent my spare room out for a bit. The extra cash was good but I can't imagine doing that nowadays. Back then I was a single guy with no kids or much responsibilities.

  2. So it's the media's fault that the government did the U-turn on the 45pc tax?

  3. You can grow a pie?

  4. You do not look bad one bit, but I do have to say that your previous look was not shabby at all either. I mean yes, you had the usual balding spots, but you rocked a nice vibe. I think you can postpone the complete shave off thing for a while still. My 2 cents. :)

  5. Thanks, I appreciate it! It was getting a bit thin for my liking up front, with an island forming. You maybe can’t quite see from the before pic I posted - anyway I thought I would try out the shaved look as I will inevitably have to embrace it

  6. Looks great man! Mustache is 💯 as well, keep that thing!

  7. I say that the UK should draft a 7 day masturbation ban in her majesty's honour, truly the best thing they can do in these trying times 😔

  8. Better without the beard for me, but the beard looks great still — my one suggestion would be that you define the cheek line a bit more

  9. The government’s silence is a rather crude play. I am now pretty confident Liz’s Truss is going to be pulling her financial rabbit out of the hat. Let’s be honest, a total UK economic collapse is not on any one’s card and I’d eat my hat if the government doesn’t do anything substantial to save their own party.

  10. I’m not so sure that they have actual good solutions to this crisis

  11. Anyone else already completely sick of Liz Truss’s robotic turn of phrases?

  12. I think it’s the pause before any response that gets me. Something very discomforting about it, especially when what follows is rarely intelligent or truthful.

  13. Yep lol, and that cringe look of: “I’m a bit outraged by that question and here’s my very serious answer”

  14. If these “candidates” can’t trust themselves to hold a simple TV debate, why should we trust them to run the country?

  15. Interesting seeing all these “candidates” saying more of the same will not work, given that they would all have happily carried on as normal had BJ not been completely mired in scandals

  16. Sunak is a brexiter lol, what made you think he wants the UK to rejoin the EU block 🤦🏿‍♂️

  17. I was being sarcastic, but also reminding peeps that Thatcher was a big fan of the single market

  18. Saj completely waffled on the Uber meeting question, and explicitly said he wasn’t denying he’d been in the meetings, during a back and forth.

  19. I don't understand why I find Sajid Javid so unconvincing.

  20. Not surprised it happened so quickly, given the amount of stock footage in that video

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