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  1. Yes, Wonderful Whims, MC command center? Pimpmysim LGBTQ+ mod, and Simda Dating

  2. I would try removing all the mods and localthumbnailcache, repairing the game, and running it again! If the problem disappears then you’re golden if it comes back ( and isn’t fixed by on of the simple solutions) then your mods are broken and you have to go through and figure out which one.

  3. Deleted and redownloaded all my mods, and now it’s working! Thank you so much!!

  4. Because of my friends who became my family. I joined a tiktok pirate crew and I found my people… and I will never forget what they did for me…

  5. Idk what you mean but ya ill watch it now thanks

  6. I can’t wait for your reactions when you figure it out XD be sure to edit this post!

  7. The outfits she wore were not age appropriate. Her length of her skirts were so short. She does have a nice body, but imo I thought everything she wore was skimpy!

  8. Flea Market Flip is done. They are no longer making new episodes - the last ones filmed were in spring 2019.

  9. omg hey!!!! im nonbinary also!!!!!! i always think about these things and i remember when battle of the sexes was announced my immediate thought was 'this will not age well....' separating people into two genders isnt a cute look and i think in coming years it will be more mainstream to think that way as well

  10. Tbh, I think the season has some of the most talented artists overall.... too bad there was sexism that overshadowed the talent lol

  11. Scott donated some money to conservatives and therefore certain people believe he is a racist, sexist misogynist because of it and decided to cancel him for it.

  12. You might not want to post your full unique legal name on the internet

  13. Love the show! Sometimes hate the people XD I legit got discovery+ just to watch this show

  14. mr meeseeks!! i love rick and morty :) mine has spiderman on it 😊

  15. oh! really? its not as pretty and blingy😅 if you’d like i can dm you a picture :) i dont think i can reply with pictures haha

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