1. It's not on the app I checked but I think it's a fake picture because if you look he's not even signed in

  2. It's an email they send I click the link and u sign in simply as that I don't see why I would fake it when most of the comments are hate, never use Reddit and thought I would share and see how to post and all that

  3. I wonder that too. I know I have left my game on before and didn’t close it out. I have 1228 hours played and that can’t be right. Lol.

  4. Yea that's why bbs is so high you can auto-on it and usually have it sitting there opened

  5. Im still waiting for my 250 orbs back for buying the arena pass and no being able to play at all on arena on ps5 during the whole week it was down for maintenance...

  6. Its a glitch, I had it where there's water spots around the map and if you find one you can basically swim up lol can't do anything tho, only to maybe get on top of buildings if you can get close enough

  7. Well I can't do co op cuz my device is an iPad mini and it crashes a lot even opening any summons crashes so I'm just waiting till it come on ps5

  8. I went for step 5 on the Soichi banner and only got Hanibel...

  9. I got nothing but pain for 10 steps, I mean how do I get 4 straight shafts into a dupe rangiku

  10. Very unfortunate, yea I tried to get jugram and got my salad toss on that one

  11. Yea on step 5 in got god tier mokado that’s it awesome

  12. Wasting 2500 orbs to get 10yl rukia and 2000+ to get 5th an ichigo, never got them

  13. Wasting 2500 orbs trying to get 10 year later rukia then 2000+ orbs trying to get 5th an ichigo ... awesome (never got them)

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