1. 1200 rvr, sw shouldn’t have been near the departure end for the ils critical area.

  2. This. Thought ATC’s procedure was to protect the ILS critical area when below 800/2. Or, is that not a thing anymore?

  3. In a longer video SW is heard announcing to tower that they were ready to depart, then tower gives them takeoff clearance. Tower had every reason to believe they were ready to fly without delay. If SW was really ready it shouldn’t have taken over 90 seconds for them to leave the ground. That’s a long time in this industry.

  4. Possible double whammy of a too early ready for t/o call and slow taxi speeds due to low vis.

  5. SW was cleared to takeoff 18L (I listened to AUS Tower) and advised of FEdEx on “3 mile” final. FedEx then clarified that they were supposed to land on 18L and tower affirmed. Then tower asked SW to verify that they had already started their roll. (Either SW really delayed their takeoff roll or FedEx was a lot closer than 3 miles IDK). Then tower told SW to abort takeoff (SW must have been >V1 bc they responded “unable.”) it was a surprisingly low drama audio feed probably bc nobody could see anything and they didn’t know at the moment precisely how close they came to a Bad Day.

  6. Yea one of those two scenarios had to have been the cause. SW took too long or FedEx was closer than three miles. Be interesting to hear the conclusion of the investigation. Especially if three miles should have been enough time.

  7. Suspect SWA was moving more slowly than usual due to very low vis conditions.

  8. They usually have a couple at DFW like this, getting the “Dyson mod.”


  10. Yep, Duck Soup! First thing I thought of! Classic Marx Bros comedy scene

  11. "Now lie down on the couch and tell Sigmund why you're sexually attracted to your mother."

  12. That's the shortest blow out run in history! Great it happened so quickly and not whilst rotating.

  13. In terms of a good point to have that happen, there is a point right after adding takeoff thrust that can be quite a handful. At very low speed, you don't get any help maintaining centerline from the rudder since there's no airflow over it. If you don't whip out your cat-like reflexes, you're going to be looking at the side of the runway very quickly.

  14. Yes, but not a multi-eng taildragger. I was speaking in terms of a modern two engine airliner.

  15. Yep, immediately thought Tim Burton movie. Beautiful work, and definitely a design choice, as they say.

  16. That is just stunning and poignant. Seriously jealous. Congrats on the gift, and the super thoughtful GF!

  17. They definitely shouldn’t have fucked his dog.

  18. Definitely has a riving knife. You don't use a sled for rip cuts, and push sticks would do more harm than good here.

  19. One from each - Between The Wheels, Territories, Turn The Page, The Pass, Ghost of a Chance, Cold Fire, Driven, How It Is, Faithless, BU2B

  20. Beautiful work! Those miters look tight! How do you cut that one sharp angle for the trim pieces for the windmills? I always cringe at using a miter saw with a 90, 80, 70 degree secondary fence and narrow stock, being so close to the blade.

  21. My Favorite Headache. The last three tunes especially- Slipping, Still, and Grace to Grace. Such a great mellow tension through the record.

  22. So the best closing track doesn’t have one of the things that made us all Rush fans, Neil’s lyrics. 😏

  23. Land of Confusion - Disturbed (original by Genesis).

  24. Johnette’s sweet whiskey voice is perfect for this one.

  25. Also, South Park Timmy vs Jimmy! (Choreographed to match the famous They Live alley fight.

  26. How? Rich people spend a ton of money and would pay the most

  27. The poor spend 100% of their income just to survive, so it’s a legit 30% tax on everything they earn. The rich do not spend anywhere near 100% of their income, thus their effective tax rate % would be far less.

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