1. As a Dom who has caught feelings for his sub before, I feel for both of you. How specific with your rules were you? My only thought would be to get very specific with everything so he knows exactly what to do and expect from you. That may relieve any apprehension he has about taking charge and he may feel more secure in the dynamic. When you really love your sub and don't want to lose them, it can make you lose confidence and turn into a puddle which ironically makes you lose them anyway. If you haven't already, talk about everything on the menu that you can think of, including what you don't like (vanilla sex). Talk about your breaks and your turn-ons. Good luck

  2. I guess the rule around love was grey. He told me it hadn’t happened in past relationships, but we didn’t rule it out. He’s def becoming a puddle. I guess being direct is my best route.

  3. It’s more of a Ned Talk, don’t you think? 😊

  4. These assclowns always seem to be on a bunch of gaming and comic subs.

  5. Oh he deleted his comment bc we figured out who he is. Yeah, seems like a real stand up dude.

  6. I reported him, so it may have been removed by our fearless leader.

  7. I just switched to another profile to comment like a 3rd cousin twice removed. I was just at an after school event in a sundress and there was music. I was the only adult who danced with a group of kids, bc I don’t care what I look like and I began to wonder if any of the dads were on this sub. Also, don’t dm. No you can have a pic of me in or out of the dress 😂

  8. Hanging out w my kiddo and doing something athletic. I love training for triathlons and anything long distance; ultras and centuries. I love to bake bread and treats, which grew out of the pandemic.

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