1. You could also receive one, too-although I’d let you go, on ‘bad behavior’👮🏼‍♂️

  2. Tatyana, I’m a satisfied Fansly subscriber. You’re definitely a ‘uniquely talented & multi-faceted’ entrepreneur, who appears to give a lot of effort-to your passion. And look how gorgeous you are 🥇

  3. Can I have this swEEt wish, tomorrow-instead? I hope you have the very best wEEkEnd, ever-deal? 🌷

  4. 1st view of you, ever. What a genuine beauty. Your stated situation quadruples your attractiveness…and then some 👌🌷. Top shelf, young lady💐

  5. I respect my Reddit brethren, yet ignore all previous offers. I’m your man for your fEEt👣(the bigger,the better). Be respectful & courteous to all the well intentioned ‘imposters’, and TR👅ST me. I 🖐️promise🖐️ you won’t regret this, Penny 👄🌹

  6. choose me, Goddess. I’m the ‘one’ for you. And, I’m so insignificant and unworthy-would you please crush me, after completion. I’ll be waiting, impatiently-for your commands(I hope they smell of you) 🔥👣

  7. they already look ‘runway’ clean, but(t) of course your ‘commands’ are my opportunities 🔥👣👅

  8. because you asked, politely-Y E S, I will. I’ll be awaiting the details to assure we brEEd. And thank you, for the opportunity🔥👌🌹

  9. You’re very welcome, here-actually everywhere🔥🌷

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