1. I love that OSU put the USC band at the worst possible spot in the stadium. In fact, all P12 schools should just tell them they can't come anymore. USC/UCLA should just be banished to the P12 network for any sports the next two years, and there should be absolutely no homework done by the broadcast team on either of the teams.

  2. I feel like they deserve it since wealthy international students just buy their way in all the time. The university should offer a chance to Californians in need, first and foremost.

  3. while there have been a few past scandals, the amount of people “bribing” their way into a UC remains near zero. if you’re referring to wealthy families that can afford top of the line tutors and prep schools, that is true for all, not just international students

  4. Oof..while intentions are good, in my younger days if someone invited me to a party in K-Town or Long Beach, I'd say no thanks to looking for parking for 1 hr.

  5. since it’s only near transit, you can take the metro there :)

  6. because no institution in america can escape the rot of capitalism at its core

  7. This kind of answer draws a lot of upvotes, but it doesn’t have much to offer in terms of the specific facts of the matter. Can you offer something more detailed and less generic than “because capitalism”?

  8. young people are already voting more than previous generations

  9. Agreed, but for this particular issue, I think most of those young people wouldn't exactly be engaged on an issue like housing. They'd probably support rent control and be against gentrification than abolishing parking minimums or abolishing SFH zoning because that's just "boring" policy

  10. yeah zoning is the single most important issue for affordable housing, especially LA

  11. you think trees didn’t exist naturally in southern california before LA?

  12. Lmao he’s still yet to step foot in the state of Utah

  13. he was probably in LA for the summer like other players

  14. Just book for the end of week 0 because they don't care if U move in late

  15. Biggest problem facing the future of LA - climate change.

  16. That’s not really feasible for agriculture. The reason so much food is grown here is because of the soil and the climate and I’m sure proximity to ports plays a role for our major exports

  17. do you think we will run out of water supply the way it is being currently used?

  18. I mean isn’t that what we’re literally talking about on this thread? I don’t have a strong opinion on whether irrigation upgrades on private farms need to be subsidized or not, but they definitely need to be done. My understanding of how heavily agriculture is already subsidized makes me wonder if we should just nationalize it altogether

  19. do you think it’s more likely for these private farms to upgrade irrigation if it’s subsidized or if they pay out of pocket?

  20. Will metro connect to LAX as well? I know they’re building a new people mover.

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