1. As a former frequent traveler along Highway 52, I can smell this picture.

  2. It was a lot worse before the sulphur plant shut down! Smelly eggs for miles.

  3. Flint Hills Resources Pine Bend Refinery, if we're getting technical.

  4. So it's all about the weather, not the economics

  5. Location too. Portugal/Spain/ireland are only 6-7 hour flight from the northeast US and there are a lot of direct flights. It's a lot easier to handle that trip if you're a US retiree who will be traveling back and forth a fair amount.

  6. What room is this in? Is that bump out a chimney? What room is above this one?

  7. Do you know how long it takes to melt off ice and a few inches of snow? You'd have to let it run for hours.

  8. I would want to understand the engineering on that concrete garage floor a littler better because otherwise it would scare the shit out of me being down there with no columns or supports in the middle, knowing there’s also a whole f-ing car sitting on top of the ceiling just begging to cave in on me. I get that it’s probably safe, but I’d want to know a little more why before I’d trust it. Lol. But then awesome to have it so open without poles/columns in the way.

  9. Have you ever been in a parking garage or office building? The area between beams can be very large. Larger than this whole garage. Standard 2 car garages aren't that big and concrete/steel is really strong.

  10. They just straight copy pasted the police cars from Zootopia.

  11. Costco and That's about it.

  12. .... no fucking way the Nats are #1, I had theirs last

  13. That's a hot take! Those cherry blossom jerseys look fresh as hell.

  14. What does "on layout" mean in this context? Are you saying no cripples are needed under the sill?

  15. "On layout" means that in a wall with zero disturbances (windows, doors, etc.), studs are all 16" or 24" on center (most commonly). Adding a window disrupts this layout, but you only disrupt it for critical things: king stud to the top plate and jack stud(s) to the header. If a window is being framed, a sill goes below the window. That sill should be toe nailed to jack studs, but the sill is carrying a relatively small load, so it does not need cripple studs below it except for cripples that "naturally" occur "on layout" a multiple of 16" or 24" from the "normal" studs adjacent to the opening. Specifically, you don't need "end" cripples that sit right next to the jacks. Toe nailing to the jacks carries the load.

  16. I get it. Thanks for clarifying, this is super helpful information!

  17. Fellas, I know that certain mindsets by the perpetually online is that unisex restrooms should be a thing. You need to keep in mind, though, that outside of the talking heads online, very few people agree with that. Do. Not. Go. Into. A. Woman's. Restroom. Bluntly, you're lucky you didn't end up in jail. When you're out in public in larger stores, look for the "family restrooms" or, as suggested, go to your car.

  18. It's cold out where I live. I'm not changing my kid in the car in the winter. Get fucked. The bathroom was empty and nothing really happened to OP except some lady went off. That's the worst case for what would happen in the real world. The risk of arrest for using a changing table in a women's rest room is so vanishingly small it is comical you're fear mongering about it.

  19. The steak sandwich from Mancini's is worth it just to vibe in the bar with an old fashioned, the band playing, and old people dancing.

  20. The original is in NE on Broadway. It's a Chicago meat shop, so sandwiches and hotdogs are the best there, but they've blown the menu out a lot. If you want a Chicago style sandwich, it's great. You can't really go wrong with a dipped Italian beef.

  21. This subreddit is always on the defensive. I grew up in small towns and your feeling of safety is very much on a town by town basis. 1/3 of towns in the US resemble the Texas Chainsaw Massacre setting. Even the best towns have skeletons in their closets. I feel safer in the city/suburbs.

  22. Just like big cities, it also depends heavily on where in a small town you are. I've never felt unsafe around my parents house in the town I grew up in, but I visited the trailer park in town after dark a few times and it was scary. Open drug use, got harassed by strung out douchebags, my friend's mom (who lived there) got sexually assaulted multiple times. Not a fun place to be.

  23. My buddies and I stopped a robbery in 2001. Saw a guy trying to rip a purse off a lady on Nicollet just south of the 94 bridge. We jumped out of our car, got between him and her, asked her if she wanted a ride, then hopped back in the car with her. Then she told us he had a knife. Oh well. He mostly looked confused for the 10 seconds we were near him.

  24. no no, you actually have at least 15 years of good life to live before you get old.

  25. I'd say you were probably much better off being born 65 years ago.

  26. Then why did democrats not vote for language to this bill that would have made late term abortions illegal?

  27. Can you link that bill? Did it have appropriate provisions to protect the woman's health, exceptions for rape abd incest, exceptions for non-viable fetuses, and did it leave the gestational age the same as it was under Roe/Casey or did it push it in to like 14 weeks or something?

  28. Pre-school cost me nearly 2.5k for my two kids. Insane this isn’t already covered. This should be covered. Dont get me started on school lunches, how is this still a thing?!?!

  29. Costs me almost that much for a single infant. $3.6k for my infant and pre-schooler.

  30. Quest is supposedly great and makes VR accessible. I’d get one too, if there’s any reason to get one. Like when asked about what to play, it’s still the same few games, Beat Saber, Tetris, and like that’s it. I truly don’t know what I’d use a Quest for.

  31. I use mine mostly to play walkabout mini golf with friends who don't live by me. Fun AF.

  32. I used to rent a duplex near there on Fillmore and would walk by this all the time and always found it interesting- I always wondered what the story was behind it and how it works when selling either of the homes

  33. If it's anything like my house in NE, the houses were originally a single property owned by a family with a house for each generation (or whoever wanted to live by mom and dad), so they built this garage for the two houses they owned. Then it got funny when the property got split up.

  34. I think the issue is that antique used to hold good value for a hundred years and has just completely gone out of style in the last 10-15 years after which the value completely collapsed.

  35. The is definitely an active market for authentic Persian/Turkish rugs. I hope they weren't literally trashed.

  36. There's a good chance Lopez ends up being better than Mahle too. So we could be looking at Gray, Lopez, Mahle, Ryan, Ober/Maeda/Winder/Varland.

  37. Trade for a pitcher so we can trade away a pitcher. Why?

  38. Lopez is better than Mahle or Maeda and has more history than Ryan/Ober/Winder. He's a safer bet to get solid play out of than any of those five.

  39. Why would you look at wins when evaluating a pitcher. A .500 pitcher on a team with Sandy Alcantara, who is, let me check my notes, really fucking good and way under .500 because Miami sucks.

  40. I have the monoprice knockoff. It's great. I hope you love it. My TV comes down about 30" lower. My mantle is really high, so it almost gets the TV to a normal viewing height. It's still a little too high, but it's way better.

  41. Do you have a link to the knock-off? Thanks

  42. Looks like they discontinued the manual one I have. The motorized one is here:

  43. The long time it takes is worth it tbh for the price. I may have to get a Twin Cities one now that I know my size.

  44. Can you give us an idea of your height/weight and the size you ordered? A reference would be nice.

  45. Based on the store he linked, which brought me to hockey jerseys, I think it's

  46. If we can’t even get Miami to commit to Lopez for Arraez (which I’m against anyways) why would another team commit to shipping an ace for the same? It’s not worth it on our end to trade a batting champion for maybe someone who might help us in the playoffs that we haven’t made yet.

  47. Who said anything about anyone committing a better pitcher for Arraez? No team will because Arraez isn't worth a high end starting pitcher.

  48. Exactly my point. Why is it worth it for us to trade a batting champion? There’s no starting pitching available that is worth what Arraez is to us currently. We’re going to have to bite the bullet and pay someone, someday, or be happy with second place in the central or one and out every year.

  49. Why do you value being a batting champ so highly? It's not as valuable as a quality SP. The FO isn't going to pay a top end guy in free agency, so what's more realistic solution to improving our rotation would you propose?

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