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  1. The crime would be so much more blatant that they would have a choice but to capitulate!

  2. Maybe one of us should actually verify this.

  3. Infinite pool of "Sources familiar with the matter". Must be the same place they keep finding shortable shares.

  4. I mean, not the outfit I would have picked to appear in a publicity photo, but I suppose if you have $1M you can dress however you want.

  5. I think that is more of a disguise… looks like he might have used the time to grow out his beard a bit too maybe. Wonder if he is now clean shaven and dressed nice so no strangers would recognize him right now?

  6. That’s the laziest shill on the payroll. Take a little pride in your work.

  7. Ok well since you can’t cope with replying, I’m just going to leave this in case anyone susceptible to your idiocy arrives here. The original meme was created by someone in superstonk on Tuesday January 17th and they had placed a 4:07 in the bottom left corner, which was a random time selection to make it look more like a real tweet to aid the joke. On Wednesday January 18th at 11:46am eastern standard time, Ryan Cohen’s official account tweeted out the exact same meme (obviously pulled from superstonk), which COINCIDED with the Bed Bath & Beyond stock price at that exact moment, which was exactly $4:07 and has been confirmed via multiple data sources by multiple people.

  8. Ya I totally missed that, my bad for sure. But that is some serious internet anger I am sensing there. Chill bro lol

  9. Sorry mate, sincerely. Everyone is on major edge lately because humanity has literally been fucked over on events like this for at least three times as long as anyone who is alive today. The fact that you just said that, I am now chill ✌️

  10. You're missing the point. RC chose to tweet THE meme with 4:07 bottom left corner exactly the same minute Towel hit $4.07 today.

  11. Ya I totally fukn missed the point! I will go and sit on a light bulb to teach myself a lesson… this won’t happen again, sorry.

  12. Anyone have a link to when the meme was originally posted? Is the number the same or different. This matters

  13. My question is, what would possess someone to continue drinking after the reaction chugging this was causing?

  14. Fuk porch pirates! Edmonton porch pirates in particular! Nice to see some justice. I hope they dumped it out on their carpet at least…

  15. Cat owners should not let their animal friends roam their neighbourhoods… however there is no justification for anything like this. Sad

  16. Looks flat like earth. Amazing that every planet is positioned perfectly so that you can see the entire face from earth.

  17. Yes! Exactly! and just be clear, you do have a mitigation system installed, right?

  18. 80 to 250 bq/m3 WITH a mitigation system...I haven't seen such numbers since pre-mitigation (3 years ago).

  19. 250 is high with a mitigation system… tinfoil theory, I wonder if the recent earthquake has any correlation?

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