1. Best of luck on the Cerberus pet. You're a beast keep on gaming!

  2. I really like those ideas too! You have some great ideas and suggestions for new f2p content for osrs!

  3. I think having the Mole and KBD being F2P bosses as well would be really cool. I'm unsure how I feel about dragon tier equipment.

  4. Maybe dragon equipment without quest requirements is a bit much, but I do think we should at least be able to get the dragon pickaxe/axe for faster skilling. Glad you like the idea of Giant Mole and KBD becoming f2p! Like I said, I don't really understand why they're f2p in RS3, but not in OSRS! Just doesn't make any sense!

  5. I say no to Fist of Guthix. The Beserker shields can be introduced by other means.

  6. They could just keep the passives for toa and either nerf the passives or remove them all together outside of toa.

  7. Also agreed. Whatever changes Jagex does to the fang, it should remain untouched and BiS at ToA.

  8. 3rd age from clues will still be extremely hard for anyone to complete in the collection log.

  9. Support good logic. Perhaps Fang could require 2 or 3 Death runes per hit? Would still be budget compared to Scythe charges.

  10. Thanks to the Fang Rapier and all other weapons will continue to keep crashing.

  11. If you're an Iron you don't have to get 85 slayer for a whip or 95 slayer for a lance. Fang is better than both and easier than both to receive.

  12. It does need to be nerfed, but nerfing it that way is dumb and contrived.

  13. How about removing the +75 slash and making it stab only while we're adjusting the Fang?

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