This man's joy after receiving his first paycheck in America

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  1. Objective trading with clearly defined rules. Most people fail because they can’t stick to their plan due to a temp losing streak

  2. He lost the majority of his net worth when adidas dropped him. He’s still got money obviously but nothing like before.

  3. You’re right I’m going on my 8th year trading and have been profitable for 4 full time for 3.

  4. Def possible, I did 5k to 352k this year in 5 months with 20% risk and 24% win (not single, compounded).

  5. No not too late but realistically it’s going to take you on average 4-5 years to make any consistent profits.

  6. Good realistic perspective. Are most on here trading full time or hobbies traders?

  7. Someone made a comment saying that “some people” have a problem with immigration. I think most people are perfectly fine with people immigrating, so long as they pay taxes, respect American values and become citizens

  8. Why is that? 2 hours is usually a good time frame for me to reevaluate.

  9. Because your average take profit pip is only 5 pips, I’m having a hard time imagining how it would take 2 hours to hit 5 pips on average

  10. myfxbook isnt really a good measure of data tbh. It doesnt/cant take into consideration trades you closed at breakeven in a few pips profit, and factors it into the average. a few breakeven trades closed 1 or 2 pips in profit will massively bring down the average even if you caught 100s of pips per trade

  11. That’s you because you see relationships as transactional. It’s insulting to others who have different perspectives.

  12. Not sure why my opinion and opinions of many are insulting, think you may need to re think your sensitivity.

  13. You sound like a complete beta. It’s misogyny because I think marriage without prospect of children isn’t worth it? 😂 blocked

  14. 2cc of mike o tren’s sweat right into the ventro glutes weekly plus 1 hour meditation in the sun daily

  15. Ask people if their life was on the line, they have a red pill for female and blue pill for male, which would they choose to save their life.

  16. It’s actually pretty simple..male or female or in the off chance which is extremely rare intersex.

  17. Gotta love these diversity check boxes. I wouldn’t trust someone who’s confused about their biological gender to be in office.

  18. That's pretty nuts. I'm in a similar situation making about the same with a wife who worked as a flight attendant but is not financially savvy at all - she really thrived on a all-in-one working experience that being a flight attendant gives.

  19. That’s exactly what it is. He’s always working and wife is always golfing 😂 and going out with her friends. I haven’t seen him in a while because he says he’s too tired to hang out. Kinda worried to be honest.

  20. I feel like in Korea their are more underlying issues.

  21. This seems to be true! I’ve heard horror stories. I know now a days most guys don’t wanna marry because it’s simply financially difficult especially if the wife doesn’t have a career. I got a buddy who makes 100k+ a year and his wife barely makes a 1000 a month and he’s in major stress as she is also not financially savvy because she’s been provided by her mom and dad her entire life. He said he went from saving 2-3k per month to 0 and sometimes minus, due to forced to buy a house, a car, celebrating everyone’s birthday constantly and can’t imagine even having children

  22. Absolutely, I usually cut at 200mg right after a blast. 250mg should be more than plenty.

  23. Thank you quick, I’m assuming you held onto your gains. How many cals in deficit did you go? I’m thinking 500-600

  24. I did a lean bulk so I kept most my gains, during blast i usually eat on a 300-400 surplus then reset every 4 weeks. 16 week blast, then a 4 week cut, now I cruise on 160mg per week and Im leaned the fuck out too. Deficit I went around 200 under maintenance because I didnt want to lose too much of my gains.

  25. I just finished a 500mg test blaSt in sept. Blood work came back perfect. I’m cruising right now on trt fose which is 150mg.

  26. Back is a weakness. I don’t understand why you think calves? My calves are massive. If you look at my side chest, they’re literally the size of my arms.

  27. You’re absolutely right maybe it was the angle. Calves are pineapples indeed. Back isn’t even that weak, just need a bit more width. Absolutely golden

  28. Definitely do need width. Currently I think the general consensus is that my shoulders and arms over power my back poses.

  29. Yep your delts and arms are massive. Very full. If the back width is in, man you will be flawless imo, looking amazing regardless

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