1. Once I have something maxed, I upgrade th. You’re not a rushed base who cares. Don’t waste that loot haha. Now if you had 50% of your lab left or like 20 lvls of heros it’s not a big deal to upgrade p

  2. What's up with Crowder ? Warming up the bench again ?

  3. Calf strain. Dude prolly went to hard after no game exp this season

  4. Dude makes 0 sense why the NBA would schedule both bucks/nuggets games on back to backs. These are premier matchups

  5. As a nuggets fan, how good is seeing MVP players playing against each other at full health in a close competitive game. I enjoy rooting for someone as likeable as Giannis

  6. Shame on the NBA for making both of the nugget match ups on the 2nd night of a back to back tho. Feels like these kinda games should have special scheduling

  7. A team with no hope or expectations was the best spot for him to go and develop

  8. Same with mamu. It sucks but we don’t have the time to let someone develop with playing time. The players that are available in the draft at our position aren’t ready to step in right away. It’s my worry for marjon. I feel he has real potential and barely played.

  9. Crowder's lower body injury is a concern. Calves can take a long time to fully heal

  10. Lol bro sat the whole season to be injured a week into the trade

  11. You think he planned that? He was probably being lazy with the suns, got with us and was like oh fuck I wanna give it 100% then fucked somthing up.

  12. No i don’t think he planned that at all. I think he’s known the bucks are coming for him almost the entire year. He just had to wait for the right comp to happen

  13. If they’re meeting with him doesn’t that mean they won’t draft him? Haha

  14. We typically meet with people we'd like to draft in the middle of the draft. Very rarely do we meet with our first rounder.

  15. Giannis had a good form/jumper his rookie season

  16. Idk if you can blame him exclusively for that. The whole size thing especially with Giannis hands seems just as plausible. I don’t wanna seem like I’m defending Kidd cuz he’s complete ass haha

  17. Our second scoring option in the playoffs is still very, very likely to be Khris.

  18. I think you’re right but I also think it’s starting to look like Jrue is our 2nd best player

  19. In the regular season? Sure. In the playoffs? It’s still Khris until proven otherwise. Jrue has been horrid offensively in the playoffs.

  20. Sandro has been playing well in San Antonio also. Donte is killing it in golden state 🤔

  21. You realize Sandro and nwora still make a ton of mistakes? …bucks don’t have time to develop. They need playing time to work out those mistakes. Donte is different. I think we wanted more offense than a small defensive guard like donte.

  22. Bro think he leading the million man march or something lmfao

  23. What a fucken stretch from the Bucks at the end of the season, gonna be 24-3 in their last 27 games. On a FUCKEN MISSION. FUCK THE C's, FUCK THE 6ers!! BUCKS in 4!!

  24. Reminds me of Boston last year. Entering the playoffs with every bit of momentum possible

  25. Forsure did. Lol he was talking about trying to wiggle jokic and embiid on 1st cuz they’re listed as PF/C but had 0 minutes played at pf 🤣

  26. Bill is so hot and cold on takes. I just started listening in fall 2022 and he’s ridiculous. He keeps talking about the heat like they’re a serious threat.

  27. Haha I feel like he’s using reverse psychology because jimmy always plays Boston well 🤣. He’s very outlandish but if there’s one thing ik it’s that bill is very connected in basketball. He hears a lot of rumors very early on. Might not agree with everything but he knows this sport.

  28. “Fuck you. Fuck you. Definitely fuck you. Devin Vassell — you’re cool. Fuck you. Fuck you.”

  29. DS1 and 2 are 39.99 on play store but I went to GameStop and got them $20 each 🤣. Wild the psychical was cheaper

  30. Hate Philly but joel is the most diverse and dominant scorer in the league this year

  31. Isn’t that exactly what miyazaki wants? Felt like I read that somewhere

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