1. Homesless people can’t afford this program

  2. Pretty sure the law says you can use at home only, unfortunately.

  3. where does it say that? the laws are pretty bare on a lot of stuff

  4. The BOP has been slowly destroying this program. they don't even have a patient advocate anymore. this is straight up bs. you can't have a pill in the program like that isn't medicine? yet we live in the state that has a crazy opioid epidemic, due to drs over perscribing pills or has everyone forgot that since access to medical Cannabis is a thing?

  5. To be fair though, these aren’t just cannabis pills— they’re THC pills with supplements in them. That’s probably where the BoP has an issue.

  6. they are cannabis edibles with a specific effect that is due to natural additives that are heavily researched. there's 0 reason they should not be allowed and yes they allow us to add B12 to products with no issues. I really don't see the difference. I see it as the BoP YET AGAIN trying to stiffle this medicine and stop it from helping people. do you know how many people are now off big phara's ssri's becauae of the chill pill alone? a lot

  7. Nooooooooo this is the holy grail of anime plugins I need it in my life lol hope it sorts itself out.

  8. Right! I have been using it for so long now, since it was watchcartoonsonline like the first one. I pray this still continues and gets resolved.

  9. Look at the other comments of lolage he did an update to watchnixtoons on a new repo. I downloaded it yesterday and it’s working perfect

  10. They are called schlieren lines. I have wondered this for a while. do you consume thc by chance?

  11. I understand your point, and realize there’s way too much of this going on, but don’t make accusations unless you’re completely positive you have ALL the facts! That’s what causes everyone to get upset and start falsely accusing people.

  12. yes as in yes it is Botanical terpenes. yes or no on is it a good one is dependent entirely on opinion. Botanical terpenes are the fruity ones but sometimes have a weird aftertaste and some people say they don't really do the job fully. they may even be hemp derived ones, which is in-between live flower Cannabis terps and Botanical(from other plants) terps. I personally prefer "live resin" carts. Lighthouse Sciences ones are my favorite with Buckeye and Klutch coming in that order respectively.

  13. Grow ohio solid goto from day 1

  14. tbh i like this caregiver litlikelarry on ig. his hash rosin is fire

  15. Yep, got their lilac diesel sauce and besides it being insanely terpy, its excellent

  16. SBD is my favorite personally, SSO might be a tad closer in terp profile but that terpinolene in both o43 and sbd is awesome

  17. I thought all their stuff was already from Farkas?

  18. a lot of it. they have that whole fire and ice collab. idk if it's all it though. I have seen them put a few names out that are not Farkas flower products so idk who all they get flower from

  19. it's transdermal too according to one of their reps

  20. proven where? the best results I have seen have prevented at best 11% of infection in studies. not enough to warrant it to say it's "proven and effective "

  21. Thank you my dude. I have played on and off since day 1 and I was today years old when I found this out. thank you

  22. Amplify has a pretty sweet deal going on this friday. Both Farkas and Lighthouse are 20% off and get both give you 30% off plus Amplify stacks discounts so thats legit.

  23. I think Tuesday is you get 2 of the 1906 pills tins they are like 50% off which is AWESOME

  24. as of rn. dec 4th I am still getting an error code. is there an update or is it the site bugged or?

  25. thank you. can confirm this fixed my issues and I didn't even need a tissue

  26. It’s on the Ballot next year regardless so you don’t have to vote idiots into the state just bc they like weed.

  27. you clearly don't understand how the political system works. and again there isn't a for sure thing to pass plus it's not like the state can't veto if the right people are not in office. if you don't know the things you are voting for just don't vote. I want pro Cannabis candidates in power. that's my number one. we are literally in an Ohio Cannabis subreddit. this would be an appropriate place for this. idc the rest of your agenda(within reason, no nazis get my vote) I care that we advance this movement.

  28. lmao😂 thanks for the political advice CannabisThug😂😂

  29. vote your conscience and I'll vote mine. 🗳 👍

  30. Avoid them...Jars Monroe,,and likely other Jars, have Element LR pre rolls buy 2 get 1 free.

  31. What’s definitely worth it is a small drive down to Monroe to go to the Weedys Dispo they sell fire weed at super low prices and to make it even better your first time is 50% off your order up to $100 off. You also can get a free top shelf preroll for reviewing them on google and you also get a BOGO deal on any 1/8th after your first order and they’ll make the more expensive one free! I drive an hour to weedys worth it every time 😭🤤

  32. forgot about them. I've been meaning to. thank you

  33. awe, you think I learned things through college and not experience lol that's funny. idk thug lyfe, y'all know the rules, gotta do what you gotta do, and stay true. 💯

  34. not exactly, but something like that. crc (at a GOOD facility) is mainly just used as a last stage lipids and fats removal. basically everything passes through the crc column at the final stages to give the product a nice look and consistency. in a bad lab it's used to make doodoo LOOK like good stuff, but it's still gonna taste like dukey. you can crc the color to look good and stuff, but terps don't lie.

  35. I feel like a true Michigent would say Apple Blossoms 🌸 , I do like a nice orchid though

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