1. What’s the name of that purple plant at the top to the left?

  2. Tradescantia Zebrina Silver plus, aka inch plant. They root super easy and grow really fast. It was the plant that got me started on my plant obsession!

  3. I have the stems (and roots on the ones that are partially rooted) wrapped in wet paper towels. They could probably stay like that for a couple days if necessary. Most of these will need to go back in water for a while before they can be put in soil. Some of them I just chopped off today so they'll need a few weeks to a couple months in water before they're ready.

  4. I've heard 45 days recommended for thrips. I did mine for 3 weeks based on what I found online about their life cycle.

  5. Good to know, thanks! Was three weeks enough in your case or did they pop back up?

  6. 3 weeks was enough for me but I also went scorched earth and treated everything every 3 days and chopped some of my really dense plants back a lot, especially the one with the most damage.

  7. They do better tight in the pot so I'd say leave them until they're much bigger!

  8. Dollarama dollar tree buck or two your friendly neighbourhood spiderman. Lol

  9. Dollar tree has some small glass plates with a raised lip in the candle section. They make great saucers for pots up to about 5-6 inches.

  10. Looks good. Bright light(indirect is fine but can handle some direct light if you gradually introduce it), high humidity, and don't let it dry out completely. Keep the soil moist but not soggy. Mine likes to be watered when the top 1/2 inch or so of soil is dry, but if I wait any longer than that it gets dramatic af and will droop. If this happens too many times it could start losing leaves.

  11. What's the soil like? Have you watered it since you bought it? How much light do you think it's getting?

  12. Was it from a nursery/greenhouse or a grocery/big box store?

  13. I use the Yoplait Oui jars to do this because they’re the perfect size. I fill up the container with perlite and add water to the top. The water should be level with the perlite, and it will be like a slurry. Then I put my little props in and wait. I place my jars in my South facing windowsill. It can be a bit harsh depending on the plant, but my Hoya Sunrise and Hoya Obovata have done well. It took a week or less for me to get decent sized roots. Two days ago I took my Obovata out of its plain water prop and into the water/perlite mixture. It had no roots. I checked it today, and one has sprouted out the stem.

  14. I've tried it but I guess I didn't realize that the perlite needs to basically sit in water. I was keeping it moist like I do with sphagnum/perlite mix I use for props.

  15. I love syngoniums. I have 8 different kinds!

  16. Ope, I actually have 9! I just got gifted a cutting of my wishlist plant syngonium albo 🤍

  17. This is not a tradescantia at all, I'm pretty sure it's Oplismenus hirtellus 'Variegatus' - a type of ornamental grass. :)

  18. Thank you! I knew you would clear this up for me ☺️

  19. I NEED to find out what this is so I can add it to my wishlist 😭😂

  20. Ohhhh a Persian shield! Mine died :(

  21. Just wanted to clarify the 'homemade'. The plastic skull was purchased at Dollar Tree. I cut the top of the skull and put holes in the bottom for drainage. Hung in a macrame hanger made by me :)

  22. If you haven't tried their motor cake yet you definitely should!

  23. I'm in line for some right now based on a recommendation I got on here earlier today

  24. Can you tell me if it's more of a relaxing strain or more uplifting? I'm dying to find a new strain that helps with pain but doesn't leave me unmotivated.

  25. banna mac by woodward a great sativa and banna kush has uplifting great taste smell to it to by frx

  26. I haven't tried frx yet but my dispensary does have the banana kush. Guess this is my sign to try it. Thank you!

  27. Doing better than me the zz plant I picked up came with root rot (i thought i could save it i thought wrong) and is currently in pieces attempting to propogate new ones 🙃

  28. How are you propagating them? I've had really good luck propping in a mix of sphagnum/perlite and stuck in a bag for humidity. I've had some individual leaves root well in water but I can't get stems to root in water at all.

  29. Maybe I'll try that. I have one leaf in a sphagnum jar for humidity and the rest in just water like only an inch and a little hydrogen peroxide. I'm trying to change out the water as I remember. I made the mistake of putting too much water and a few rotted and then I stuck a couple in coco coir and perlite and those rotted too. So I went back to water because I want to be able to see how it's doing. Whereas I couldn't see the bottom if it was rotting in the coco coir. I hear it takes a long time and I've heard it's also harder in water as well. I just have them all in my brightest window so they don't rot hopefully.

  30. The ones I've had luck in water had pothos cuttings in with them. I've read that pothos have a lot of rooting hormone that can leach into the water helping other things in that water root faster

  31. Thanks. What's the best way to keep it moist in between watering? Spraying with water?

  32. I just keep a closer eye on mine and water when it's dry as far as my first knuckle will go (about half an inch). If I let it dry out any farther down than that I start having issues.

  33. Noticed this with some older as well as newer leaves. It's right by a south east facing window. Doesn't get direct sunlight. I water it only when the soil is dry.

  34. You don't want to let it dry out all the way. They like to stay moist but not soggy. Also they're kinda dramatic and don't like tap water. Try distilled/ro/rain water

  35. Probably springtails. They won't hurt your plant

  36. Thrips or aphids. If you can get a closer pic of them I might be able to say for sure

  37. Hello! I am in need of a little identification help for these babies. They will all need to be repotted but I have almost no experience with succulents so I would like help identifying them so I can care for them properly. Thank you!

  38. I would repot them in separate pots. My Tokyo sun likes to have way more water than my other succulents. I'd hate to see one of those beauties die because you're trying to make the other ones happy

  39. Each node has the potential to root and grow new leaves. I would recommend cutting that long vibe into several pieces with nodes per piece.

  40. Looks like maybe sunburn since it's mostly on the white spots. What kind of light is it getting?

  41. Do you mist your plant or notice it 'crying' after you water it?

  42. I would repot this with better draining soil. It looks like this is in moss which retains water and adonsoniis like to dry out almost all the way between waterings. I would make your own soil mix if 1 part each of potting soil (I use fox farms ocean forest), perlite, orchid bark, and horticultural charcoal if you can get it (got mine on Amazon). Only go up about 1 inch in pot size. Their roots like to be snug in the pot so you don't want to go too big.

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