2. I wish I saw this before I bought this strain today, fuck it’s so disgusting trash weed that they selling high price. Wtf, first and last time trying Galenas. Shit I could’ve smoked my dogs shit, than this poop 💩.

  3. I can’t stand their flower. I just recently picked up some Banna puddintain to try their flower out again after an year not trying it out. An still for me at least I don’t care for the dry no Terp tasting flower. This batch smells like moldy weed everytime I pop that jar open. Can’t stand it. Not worth the money. Just throwing my input, I’d like to try them again. Anyone else know where to get the fresh good weed from them. Which store has the fresh batches.

  4. Does the device come separately? I recently just got my medical card and have been wanting to try a pod system!

  5. Gotta buy it separately or sometimes if u find them together in a pack, but mine in this pic was sold separately

  6. Hahahaha now we know who’s taking all the live resin pods 😂😂😂👌🏻

  7. Best yields I've had so far was NYC Flo and Lemon dosidos. Reminds me that I need to order a new pair of scales. Mine don't like to pick up anything less than 1g or I would know what I got out.

  8. Can agree with both of those yielding well, and ancient roots mimosa’s has a good return, I just recently did 92 cookies for Br last night with great return, an also from BR also grapefruit sour blue dream! Try them out

  9. I’ve tired the Berry Runtz vape cart an it’s pretty good, got good Terp taste, like berry an fruit. High was a 5/10 for me, not couch locked completely but feeling good. Not bad I definitely pick up from time to time

  10. Dwam ! I wish all other dispensary here did the same deals like this one! What!!!!!

  11. AWP traffic Control is all over ohio great pay $15-18 with being able to move up in the company. Working outside all weather conditions. Work with u an partner, or teams. Accept cards Don’t have to worry about fake piss. If u can deal with weather it’s a good job

  12. If you have Medicaid, call Dr. Florea at Buckeye Health and Research on Highview St., Columbus, Ohio Medicaid pays for all exams and bloodwork, patient pays for $50 registry fee and the cost of medicine at dispensary.

  13. I’m sorry I lost out but I’d trash them carts. I bought 2 similar strains, an they did the same thing got like 3 good hits. Then stopped working, an I couldn’t get the top off with out busting the glass. Trash

  14. Yes salty watermelon is the best, one of the best sativa going around

  15. Shit, I just stick with the regular concentrates, I know some of y’all love carts. But I been having problems with every cart I had, so I just been sticking with concentrates and using my Boundless brand; Nectar collector instead.

  16. Well thank u to all of u for the information, but I found out yesterday they were vape cartridges, not concentrates, and I did not pick any of them up. I’m not much of a vape guy. But thank u all

  17. Best doctor in the state has $69 renewals and $79 new recommendations. Checkout

  18. Thank u for that! I need to renew mine very shortly. An so far that is the cheapest

  19. Better snag up a bunch of edibles it help me through Covid for real!

  20. Most ppl I have seen with OCL their flower that other ppl get looks amazing. Every experience I have had with OCL is terrible,dry super dry, lost of terps an high. Not a good experience but looking at this flower makes me wanna try them out again

  21. I can tell you that I have gotten 4 things of OCL from about welness and it’s been fresh compared to that nearly a year old dry Lemon Royal I got from Columbia Care. I definitely feel you tho I hate how this program can be such a gamble

  22. Ur exactly right! And that’s where I got my shit From was from Columbia care, that must be the spot for all the dry weed

  23. I guess I’m dumb, not edumacated on what’s is the deal with delta shift? Like what? Huh why so runny consistency. Is it partially like Delta 8. Or…..?

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