1. You mentioned the silicone oil thing, what's the deal about it?

  2. Silicone oil is an extremely common lubricant used on everything from sryinges to jars to metals to gaskets and more. Silicone oil contamination is very easy to spot on a cartridge or jar of distillate. It will appear as milky white streaks or splotches in the oil and causes extreme burning in your sinuses when inhaled. It's also probably not so safe to be inhaling. 91-99% iso alcohol will clean it off of everything pretty well. As far as filling supplies go, for small ammounts you'll be using sryinges, always spend the extra on un-lubricated ones or you'll need to iso wash all of your sryinges before use.

  3. No problem at all, theres not enough info about that out here and I just know thousands of people are chiefing on that stuff all day.

  4. Hit my dms if you'd like some recipes for all sorts of Cannabinoid syrups, I'm happy to help. I've personally never made soda with them, but that sounds like a great idea amd something I will try, rather than adding them to club soda. The main trick is getting the oil in the syrup to mix with water in the drink, which is done easily with a few ingredients.

  5. I'm super interested. How does one get d8 disty to dissolve in water? I don't have powder unfortunately. I'd love to make d8 beverages for beach days.

  6. You cant get it to dissolve at all unfortunately, but you can make a solution that is simi stable for around 20mins. Nano is great for solutions but not everyone has the equipment or materials to do so. Lecithin will be the next best solution and your best friend when it comes to infused drinks. Hit my dms if youd like a recipe, I have a great starter one that is easy to make and about 20 more lol

  7. Absolutely the worst value in the program. All of the disposables are. Mainly because the price of the hardware is insane and they expect a huge profit regardless of what they're selling. A cartridge can cost less than $3 even in simi bulk ammount. At the bulk they buy, it's more like $1.50 each max. The disposable hardware at full bulk is around $3 each or higher. In short, it's a rip off lol.

  8. Make sure you don't use the bit stuck to that silicone oil coverd lid lol. My only issue with GE is the lids, the prices are awesome though!

  9. Omg, that’s like exactly what I need. Thank you. Buying some now to make a tincture!

  10. Cannabinoids react with everyones ECS differently. So unfortunately, As I find myself saying often on here, you'll have to go through a little trial amd error to see what noids work the best for your specific needs.

  11. Everyone jas different experiences with it, but personally CBN on its own has almost no noticeable effects (as far as intoxication goes), but when I consume CBN alongside other cannabinoids, it seems to greatly increase the potency of the other cannabinoids. For instance, when I consume 10mg of CBN with 90mg of THC, It's notably more effective than if I were to consume only 100mg of THC.

  12. Which Terpenes yield some dangerous byproducts of pyrolysis, when dabbed at higher temps above 500?

  13. Are you asking for specific terpenes? Im sure you can find a complete list of all terpenes that have been tested in regards to the subject online somewhat easily. If your asking which are more likely to be potentially dangerous at high temps ie:CDT vs BDT, It is BDTs all the way. While the terpenes are the exact same compounds when found in cannabis or when found in a mango, there are so many factors at play with how the BDTS are produced, stored, etc. Myrcene for example is "potentially dangerous" over certain temperatures, however cannabis derived myrcene is stronger in nature, especially when extracted via Co2 extraction. This keeps the terpenes in the best condition posible. While most and nearly all BDTs are produced via steam distillation. This adds heat, the need for extra seperation, extra clarification and overall has to be processed much more then Co2 extracted terpenes.

  14. Many high end carts in Washington, Oregon, and California test at 18-22% terps, for HTE, HTFSE, Live Sauce, Live Resin, Live Rosin.

  15. I didn't use any water bath or any kind of heat just shook it twice a day 100 shakes each time

  16. If the flower was not decarbed, most of the cannabinoids are still in-active. You should try using concentrates next time, it takes about 20 minutes lol.

  17. Fuck, now im paranoid of spores and fungus. Man this shit costs over $100 to make altogether... Anyone think it could be saved at all or its a lost cause??

  18. Aye, it's all about trial and error with cannabis. Never know what works and what doesn't unless someone tries it lol.if your desperate on saving it, you could probably kill of any pathogens by boiling, followed by adding a high concentration of ethonol.

  19. Just a bit of overheated oil. It's not oxidation

  20. Yes. Inhaling any cannabinoids will do this, especially if you cough or get winded from a hit. If you take a hige dab of straight CBD it can still make your eyes red and your face flush. In my experience, D8 does this the least and HHC does it almost almost as bad as D9 does. Cannabinoids increase the blood flow through your veins and your blood vessels become larger, this causes the redness. Eye drops can help but they dont work at all for me.

  21. Freeze it and stab it with a dab tool if you want it to shatter, then transfer to parchment or silicone. Or melt it on a candle warmer and pour it on some parchment.

  22. HHC is q very unique cannabinoid in the way it changes colors. It has a lot to do with the inconsistencies from batch to batch. Making HHC is far from a perfected process and is the main reason for the difference in color. Amber, Gold and Redish Amber are all fine to see.

  23. D8 is fantastic for day time use and when you have to get stuff done but want to be fully coherent.

  24. People need to stop posting things on here with no context, review or any useful information about anything.

  25. This ^ plus it's literally an oz of shake for less than 100 and I'd say that's finally an okay price for shake. If you dont like how it smokes make it into Eddies

  26. The R.O. Preground is fantastic 75% of the time. Every now & then, you'll get a so so batch.

  27. I am officially done with PCKT. The black ceramics are the worst. They will always be a 50/50 mix of duds and ones that half way work until they leak.

  28. With concentrates that are extremely viscous, I'll preheat for 6-8 seconds at 2.0v, then wait a few seconds and take a hit at 2.4v.

  29. The R.O. Preground are the only ground Q's I'll buy. If you have them avalible near you, it's a much better deal and the quality is way better. $30/7g before any discounts is the best value in the program. Most of the options dont even seem sifted, they are loaded with kief.

  30. I definitely don't recommend taking a shot of MCT lol. Its somewhat of a preference thing, especially when using with cannabinoids. Personally, I use between 20ml and 30ml of MCT with 2ml of Lecithin, Diluted into 50-60ml of Avacado Oil. It really doesn't take much for a noticeable difference.

  31. Unfortunately, there's not a ton of direct info on this, but it would stand to reason that it could be useful for increasing iron absorption. I wish I could you a definitive answer but there are ony a handful of studies on this exact topic. However, the few that there are, all point to Lecithin being highly effective at increasing iron intake.

  32. I just dont get it. WNC secured Flow first, by a long shot as Arete was repping Queen City and Upstate flower for the longest time. So why not just shop at WNC and support the OG supplier from Flow?

  33. Doesn't that Bordeaux come from Flow Gardens? I thought that's where Arete sources it from? If so, then it should be legit.... although Arete's legitimacy is questionable 🤔

  34. Yes, it comes from flow gardens. Arete and WNC operate almost like sister companies.

  35. D8. Because it's the OG around here as far as alts go and paved the way for other noids of similar origin to gain mainstream popularity.

  36. Delete this useless post unless you plan on providing context and a reason for the post.

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