1. Bloom Medicinals is a great dispensary. Any dispensary you go to, be prepared to wait a little bit because of the superflux of patients and very little dispensaries. Also, if you plan to use vaporizers, do some research online before purchasing because they're pretty expensive. Leafly is a great site for information on specific strains!

  2. Galenas is worth it fr, all flower is hand trimmed and kind to our earth. I'll pay a little more for quality!

  3. with edibles including tinctures, every 110mg is 1 day so since there’s 550mg in the whole package of 50mg gummies they’d use 5 days!! 😊

  4. I had this happen to me as well. Do cops have access to this?

  5. No! Not unless you are in some kind of legal investigation.

  6. The QR code is all you need to make purchases, however if you were to get pulled over I know there are cops who act like asses about the expired card. Most dispensaries will print and laminate them for free so don't spend money on it!!

  7. I was simply asking a question as your remark was a tad vague. Wouldn't the nature of the original post technically qualify as one though ?

  8. what’s the point in nit-picking 🤨 regardless of how you feel about Klutch, they’re one of the most reputable cultivators in Ohio and that’s facts

  9. midnight blueberry gummies by klutch, they have CBN in them which should help you stay asleep all night w no distractions

  10. update: akron police are being unhelpful as fuck per usual. how do they not have the tools to enhance shit? this makes no sense

  11. my medicine llc, gonna be the cheapest, quickest route. $79 for new patients and my video call was literally 11 mins long.

  12. Typo? Or a link? I googled 'circa marijuana device' and all I get is a strain by a Cali company.

  13. How is that ‘ Cuke ‘ strain ? How’s its Taste , is it a Sativa High ? I see it and there is not too much info on it .

  14. Tastes just like cucumbers with pepper on it honestly. the caryophellene really stands out in it. and it’s not an overwhelming high so i’m good to use it right before work and have an enjoyable time!

  15. accessories are not counted as days! you can go into your dispensary and let them know that’s what you’re there for

  16. Compared to 510 Thread batteries? That’s the one I have now.

  17. I have used them daily for the last 8 months or so and have never had any issues. If it’s clogged pull it out of the battery and take a pull off of it, that should clear it. Worse case use an air dryer or car heater if you’re out. They’re worth it. What’s the sale you’re referring to?

  18. 30% off Grow Ohio at Bloom Medicinals Akron. and thanks!

  19. i just tried Slap Wagon last night and it was a great price!

  20. i heard quartz is way better for the long run when compared to straight glass because of the oxidation

  21. It’s hard to find unless a cultivators site or dispensaries labels but even then, every batch of flower is different & tests differently so it’s hard to put a label on 1 strain based off of 1 batch.

  22. It’s almost time to renew my card. Any recommendations who to use that’s easy and best price?

  23. my medicine llc is the cheapest i’ve found so far. $79 for new patients, $69 for returning patients

  24. i have both. I have had no issues. With renewal or anything. Very gray area. Some may think its black and white but its not. Common sense with this stuff goes a long way.

  25. This is really good to know! Did you have to get one before the other? I went and registered for my ccw about 4 weeks ago and wanted to get my appointment set up for my med card asap but i’m worried if i do them at the same time, they’ll pull my info or something with the ccw 🤣 please clarify for me!

  26. Combustion, I love my one hitter chillum. Yes it's not "legal" though many be law breaking and I'm one of em. Have tried other methods and this one best suits me. Your expected to dry vape so legally go with that if your nipsy about rules. Cheers

  27. Not at all, i love a good blunt or bowl but I just wanna take the extra harshness away from my hits. I definitely love my pen too but wanna enjoy flavors of the flower! 🙂

  28. Hell yeah! I feel you like Braille on that. I found buckeye super orange to be really smooth on the lungs. Idk why but your username reminds me of this

  29. awesome! definitely gonna give it a try & this song a listen 🤣🤣

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