1. First thanks so much for the links. I ended up adding all of these to my

  2. Honestly for traveling you’ve got to listen to something nostalgic. Anything from early to mid 2000 indie rock or alternative rock is the way to go

  3. I think it was recommended on one of my discussion posts

  4. Why wouldn’t you be willing to help? Everyone is meant to be a team day and night.

  5. Except that's a pipe dream, night crews are severely neglected and usually treated as an afterthought.

  6. Until 2 months ago I was an overnight supervisor for 4 years so I definitely know

  7. I saved this on reddit back when you posted it to come back to and I’m just now remembering it. It’s so good. I added it to my playlist. Keep going the other tracks on Spotify were great too

  8. I don’t know if you got any responses but the Lowe’s Facebook group seems to be a lot more responsive to these type of questions if you haven’t already gotten help

  9. Im not sure specifics definitely seems indie though. I have a playlist with some very similar songs

  10. Thought i’d share this playlist with you too! I’m sure i’ll be adding some of yours to this one too hehe [

  11. i just listened to it, absolute 10/10 song. thank you !

  12. I’ve never used youtube music, but I love Spotify. I’ve used other music streaming services and it is my favorite. I do get a discount because I’m a student. Spotify is really great at recommending songs. I love finding new music, so I would recommend. The free version of Spotify is awful though because the ads are constant

  13. You can promote on tiktok. There used to be a forum on Spotify to share playlists, but Im not sure if that still exists

  14. I love this concept I haven’t checked them out yet though

  15. I think the biggest red flag for me should have been that the agency didn’t ask me any questions about myself for the interview. They just asked why I was interested. This particular agency I did go with and there has been terrible communication. You’re just on your own really. Here’s a number for a therapist at your site contact them and figure it out basically….

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