1. More nuance to relationships. Especially if characters from previous games show up in future ones.

  2. Human Noble. They're all tragic in their own way, more/less depending on how you play it, but Cousland looses everything no matter what choices you make. Everyone you've ever know gets slaughtered by a "family friend" all the people who raised you, the people you grew up with, sister-in-law, young nephew and your parents, all dead within a few hours. The only person who might still be alive is unaccounted for and after Ostagar most probably dead, you don't find out he survived until the end of the game which is almost 1 whole year later.

  3. I would love the option to rivalmance characters back, I'm not big on Solas but I would LOVE the option to have a rivalmance with him, just imagine the angst!

  4. So, I can't speak for the developers decision, but if you are curious as to anyone liking it, I do personally because I like the relationships to feel organic. The approval meters feel like the relationships are purely a matter of stats and hurts my immersion. I want characters to react to what I say and do, not "reach X points to unlock conversation".

  5. I both like and dislike it. Personally I think it should be toggleable in the settings.

  6. First time I always play as myself, then I'll roleplay different characters. My 'canon/main' playthrough is always a mix of myself/my first playthrough and a character that fits best in that world and story.

  7. My canon playthrough: DAO - Mages DA2 - Templars DAI - Templars

  8. My theory is that there are multiple mysterious strangers and they are agents of Vault-Tec. In fallout 4, the Vault-Tec guy comes to the door dressed in exactly what the mysterious stranger is wearing, making me think it's some kind of uniform, and their job is to protect the interests of the company, which is still active. I always wished there was at least a mild explanation of who or what he is. I like your theory though. Definitely adds a cool twist onto what is already an interesting storyline.

  9. I know you've solved your issue but for future reference, enhanced character creation wasn't part of your issue, it's because dimplesition and frecklesition are da:i mod manager retextures, and it seems like you were loading those via frosty mod manager?

  10. Thanks, I'll edit the solved in case anyone has the same issue in the future ๐Ÿ˜Š

  11. Hmm maybe a mod conflict or missing something that's required for it to work properly if you're using frosty it might be the version you're using since I've seen some break because the frosty being used is too old or an update broke it

  12. I think you might have been right about the mod conflict, I overlooked 2 smaller skin-based mods, and after deactivating them the problem seems to have stopped.

  13. If you right click on the link and choose "save as", Windows will tell you it's an unsecure download so you have to open the box and approve the download.

  14. I wish they brushed up the consistency between old Duncan in DAO and young Duncan in The Calling a bit. In DAO Riordan says Duncan has always been stern, serious and driven, but in The Calling Duncan is a smooth talking, slippery ex-cutpurse who doesn't take being a Warden particularly seriously at first but steps up when it counts....kinda like Daveth.

  15. I love the books, but The Calling also says that Arl Eamon is younger than Loghain so I'm trying to take details with a grain of salt ๐Ÿ˜‚

  16. Mine was very much in the same boat, she had no interest in being a Warden and then Duncan basically blackmails my Father into convincing me to go?

  17. My OG Boss went all out with repping the Saints so I really hope there will be more tattoos avaliable in the full game. She just feels off without her Fleur de Lis tattoos.

  18. Gonna point out some things people seem to have forgotten. As far as we know Stefan was never abused by Giuseppe, Damon would always take the blame away from him. In Season 1 Stef is shown to have a decent and trusting relationship with their father while Giuseppe clearly looks down on Damon, we also know he would severly physically abuse Damon.

  19. Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Papers Please, Tower of Hanoi and Tetris ๐Ÿ‘Œ Do one, do all, do none, up to you.

  20. Kinda basic, but Minecraft and The Sims. They easy to just go into with my brain turned off. Sometimes I go fishing in ESO or start a new playthrough of Dragon Age or Mass Effect.

  21. Stardew, Terraria and Minecraft are obviously good ones. I've also had a very good time with ESO personally.

  22. I named her Lilith, I usually name my main horse Lady but that's always a cream/white coloured horse. So I went with Lilith instead, for the first Vampire(or woman, depending on your lore) ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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