1. remember those fifa 15 videos, where it was just like 99 strength teams or like "players who've been banned from football", i missed those man

  2. i just hit div 4 last night too!!, first fifa since fifa 18 and actually dont know what it is but loving the gameplay

  3. for skill moves in the box you just have to jockey (L2) and let him make the skill move rather than press up against him

  4. exactly, i try to use a fun team in div 5,its just full of sweats doing byline cutbacks like its fut champs

  5. Using L1 and R1 to trigger runs/ call players close; letting the finger of the sprint button and trying, to stay patient (which I still have to do a job on).

  6. yeah im trigger happy on offense, its so much better to dribble it slowly upwards seeing options open up, but im too ADHD for it sometimes 😂

  7. The absolute pain of not having Fernandez and Correa. With them all I’d be missing is a special gk

  8. I meant to say for an Argentinian team. Whoops

  9. oh yeah true, emi martínez shouldve gotten a tott from those penalty shootouts alone and that game saving shot from kolo 😭

  10. Any indication of what it actually is? Like how many players or minimum rating?

  11. i heard it was 3 def, 3 mid, 3 att, and one gk all above 81* rating

  12. if you opened rivals rewards instead of waiting for wildcards your actually mental

  13. they always do this when you need something done, whether it'll be getting div rival wins when theres literally 3 hours left, or even swaps

  14. its the stressing out for me for having to win ex amount of games just to get a shit reward, and the stress is definitely not worth a 25k pack

  15. Gonna have to use him on 1 chem. I played acuna on 0 for a while and didn’t really notice a difference. Hopefully a good argentina final showdown.

  16. just use, acuna and fernandez, 1 chem, then goncalo ramos up front, 2 chem then use a liga portugal manager to get him on full

  17. Gosens has been in my team since the day he was released. Until today when I put in showdown Acuna.

  18. the amount of special lb's i have are insane so i had to play acuna LM and Telles LB and swap acuna to CDM 😂

  19. they dont ever do promo gk's for some reason, only one i can think of rn is ocampos and thats basically it

  20. its inconsistent how? better rarity= faster fire rate, it literally just makes sense

  21. Better rarity: more dmg and accuracy. Tell me at least another gun that has a different fire rate in gray or legendary rarity

  22. average redditor down voting instead of using logic, does it not make sense that it has faster fire rate, nothing to really complain about just another good buff that maven needed

  23. they only want predictable weapons to be meta, shotgun smgs, but pistol can be meta? neverrrr /s

  24. got gio reyna for another american going into my american team, this is probably one of the best years for mls/americans tbh

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