1. If we wanted we probably could, Juve wanted to get out their obligation to buy so they probably would give us him back. But he didn’t work out for us, didn’t want to play for us and wouldn’t be happy leaving. So we’d have a moody player, who isn’t worth the hassle, whilst also missing out on £30m, which he definitely isn’t worth.

  2. I am fucking gassed, picked him out before we had any links, he’s a BTEC Haland, obviously no where near as good but they basically have the same build and speed, good be absolutely unreal for us

  3. Even if this was true, which I doubt it is, I’m not sure about him. Good player but is well over performing his expected goals, has 7 league goals from an expected goals of 2.2, which is kind of dreadful. Could mean that he is extremely clinical since he’s over performing with the likes of Haland, Kane, Osimhen, Neymar but I think he just had a bit of a purple patch.

  4. Don’t mind it at all, fits the profile of the kind of striker we actually need, having said that if Beto of Udinese is only slightly more at ~£25m, I’d much rather have him

  5. I like Gyokeres quite a bit, but I don't necessarily disagree with that.

  6. Oh yeah if he can be bought cheaper that would be great, but if they’re fishing for a price of around that, that’s where I’d put the money.

  7. Last time our last game of the season was against Bournemouth, they were guaranteed relegation, we needed the points and lost 3-1, and that was with Carlo, drama is probably guaranteed

  8. Probably not, I wouldn’t say we’ve got any real world class players to displace him, the only players who have the qualities to be captain in that sense are Pickford and Tarko, and I don’t think either has that obvious of a shout to take it off him

  9. I think he likes experience and footballing intelligence over most things, realiability yk

  10. I think Dyche will probably come in and instantly build the players confidence. Bielsa strikes me as more of the type to go the other way with tough love.

  11. If he’s confident he can get something good out of Keane then it’s a huge win too. Think Keanes got the second-most years left on his contract behind Godfrey from all our centre backs? If he’s confident on using him could mean we could sell Yerry or Mason this window for more funds, we definitely don’t need 6 CBs when we’re for sure playing 442

  12. Mina is free in 6 months, there's no funds being made from him. We can't even save on his salary since he's earning so much no one would want him yet.

  13. Agreed it’ll be low, but in this manager uncertainty we haven’t really made a decision on players staying or leaving. Mina could definitely be sold for a couple mil still, won’t be much but may as well get him off the books for any fee if he’s not a priority to the new manager

  14. There was a big semi circle shaped space with a huge drop off near Romans garage. Pedestrians would gather there and there was no railings, I would go there any slowly coerce them off the side, was like the scene in 300 where they all fall off the cliff, no wanted levels either

  15. If we sell Gordon just so we can afford to pay for Bielsa and his staff, without the player recruitment to go with it…it sounds like something we’d do

  16. Tuchel, Dyche, Marcelino, Postecoglou, Tedesco, Frank, Kompany

  17. Ange will not give up going to Europe with Celtic to come here

  18. Ehh not convinced. Yes it’s a pull and may be difficult to convince him to leave such a good setup at Celtic but I don’t think you can really say that the ‘Champions League with Celtic’ is much more of a pull than the exposure, increased funds and competition of English football. Celtic will keep winning the league, qualify, then lose every CL game they play.

  19. He has worked miracles everywhere he's gone, you can't polish a turd but my god is he the man who can. The sticking point with Ange will still be the board and position of the club, he will inevitably get better offers where he can have a whole preseason with the squad and can have input in transfers so in my opinion he wouldn't take it.

  20. Everything you’ve said is right. If our club was run well I think he’d be extremely ‘gettable’, the fact our board probably aren’t even strongly considering him, and that even if they did, he’d still reject us because of them, just makes me so sad.

  21. Because having a potentially record breaking points season, promoting a club that you’ve slot in to perfectly, is a lot better than leaving a positive environment, mid-season, to most likely tarnish your reputation by almost definitely getting relegated with a shit show of a club

  22. Our current XI may have more ‘all round quality’ than this one, mainly levelled up by the CBs and Pickford. But the more important reasons that this team beat Man City.

  23. And Gueye too, can’t see him sticking around for the championship.

  24. Who’s going to buy a then 34 year old on massive wages?

  25. Supposedly on 80k a week, not really that massive for Prem standards would be a solid rotation player for any prem club and could also just go abroad. We keep him if he’s happy but if he pushes to leave wages wouldn’t be a problem for a transfer to happen

  26. He’s having a great season but he’s definitely not at that level imo, but yeah probably too late to go for him now he’s kind of got his name out there more.

  27. A fullbacks job is to defend.. if we are criticising Myko’s attacking outlay, I think there are other issues that need to be addressed.

  28. Yes, but it’s not their only job. And yes there are so many other issues. But our wingers aren’t creative or technical and out fullbacks aren’t creative or technical. You need technical ability on the wings in the game now and McNeil and Townsend may be our most technical forwards, that’s an issue. Myko is a good defender but I think we need a better option when going forward. Especially if we play a back 3 and our WBs are given more license to attack.

  29. It’s this type of thinking which protects Lampard. Just because he isn’t capable of better doesn’t mean this is our level.

  30. I know what you mean but my logic isn’t meant as ‘oh we’re just shit so Lampard is doing the best job possible and we shouldn’t get rid’. I’m thinking more ‘the board needs replacing, the manager needs replacing and half this squad is not good enough, and we have no money, how do you fix it?’

  31. A winger with no pace that got no goals or assists last season and a 5’8 striker that doesn’t score many goals. Top scouting.

  32. See I wouldn’t even say the scouting is bad for McNeil, he’d be fine in his position, which is a left midfielder in a defensive 442, maybe even do a job as a wingback with 3 behind him, putting balls in for a target man. Why the fuck is he been bought and played as a right winger, absolute joke.

  33. We need a 9 but it’s clear with the Simms recall that we won’t be in the market for one. We need a right sided forward.

  34. I thought it’d be obvious but these are all players who STILL PLAY. The hypothetical was meant to be sign these players as they are CURRENTLY.

  35. Tried listening to them to hear the news live and jesus it's just so many awful takes. Saying Black Adam is a failure if it doesn't perform like Spiderman's latest film, that Henry Cavill is partly why the Superman films are underperforming, yet they also rolled their eyes at him wanting a 'joyful' Superman.

  36. rupaul judges? the only trans judge on the main version i can think of is ts madison, who was only there 1/3 of the time, and then there's jiggly caliente on the philippines version. are you thinking of shea couleé? she's a contestant, not a judge, and i don't believe she's trans.

  37. Apologies, I’m not too familiar with the show, just remember a name attached saying that they’d be the first trans actor in the MCU

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