1. You have the same options at $100k that you did at $3k. You don’t need a massive amount saved to invest.

  2. I think people having trouble with this arc are those who were in denial about destiny's cold, callous nature.

  3. I started watching maybe a month before the mizkif drama arc. Maybe bad time to come in.

  4. Make yourself a grass almond milk milk shake, I made one and it calmed me down.

  5. The only thing I've ever petitioned mods to do is ban Lav and they voted on it. I've been really transparent about that. I wouldn't hide behind "I'm not a mod," I would just say what actually happened.

  6. If you’re not a mod then you should just not say anything. If the mods think it’s best to ban Lav then they should do it and come up with the idea all on their own, you should obviously know the amount of influence you have on them as fans (or friends if you know them irl). That’s a power dynamic that makes no sense, trying to hide behind an illusion.

  7. Because she is easily manipulated and swayed in general. And max knows that and that’s why he is also using her as a proxy in the war. Basically all her talking points are fed by MrG. He is adopting her because due to her relationship with Deatiny’s sub, they have a “common enemy” so now Lav sees him as an ally just because of that. And Max knows that if he plays the character he usually does he will end up losing Lav as an ally, so instead he is being extra extra nice (charitable) to Lav and “adopting” her so he can basically have someone in his corner.

  8. This is the exact plot for the 2022 remake of “the fault is in the stars”

  9. I don’t know. Sneako fucked all his sheep audience and got them pregnant with really stupid ideas and views.

  10. "I've started emulating how Mr Girl talks to people. I want to do it without coming off as a weirdo. Might be difficult"

  11. I don’t like MG. I see value in some of his content, going against the “implicitness” of hidden games and meanings behind words. But he can’t shake the abusive vibes he has. Now, with that said, your take is extremely surface level, not engaging with what max said (either you’re dumb, or just a lazy virtual signaler), and just a repetition of dozens of posts already posted here.

  12. These are the parasocialisms that are too meta. They are not to be addressed. We don’t speak of this.

  13. Now put that between two buns and it’s a chicken&waffles pizza burger. Then chop it up and p throw it with some lettuce and tomatoes and onions and it’s a chicken&waffles burger salad. Now blend it all with some milk, now it’s a chicken&waffles burger salad milkshake. Now put some heavy cream and throw it in the freezer, now it’s chicken&waffles burger salad shake ice cream. There is no end to the atrocities we can commit.

  14. Only 2 out of 25 posts on the front page are related to mrgirl right now. I'm going to pull a mrgirl and let you know that posts like this feel like gaslighting.

  15. Porn makes you think it'll be like tonguing down a honeypot, but in actuality that shit tastes like laptops.

  16. Damn this has made me laugh quite a bit. Do you have a specific brand? Like MacBooks? Or cheap chromebooks?

  17. Literally anything that has been owned for 4+ months by someone who loves fingerfood and hates washing thier hands.

  18. But… how does he know it’s 10 inches? 👀 Also, that would hurt so much.

  19. That’s the most incel question I’ve ever seen in this sub. But I’ve only been here for like a month or less.

  20. As a Jew and somewhat enjoyer of some Shapiro stuff, I find this disgusting. But funny. But also disgusting. But also funny. But disgusting.

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