1. Yes, this is why it’s the top comment on a front page post. Because nobody on reddit remembers.

  2. Strangely enough, the quality of my company and your whining at being called out don’t actually correlate.

  3. Probably confirmation bias. You think it, do you confirm it to yourself. Just a guess. You could totally be right.

  4. It makes me remember they day I wiped out my thesis with an extra space 🥹

  5. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Why is her word LAW?

  6. Because it’s their house. “Do you want to do this thing we have never agreed to do normally?”

  7. When I tap it out rather than swipe, I get "the." I've just now tried a variety of different swipes and I get, variously: three, try, true, there, they, tire, them, etc. but not once do I get "the." What is going on?

  8. Maybe your screen is broken? That seems odd. Try another keyboard maybe? See if it works better? I’m not sure.

  9. I can't sort it out. Thanks for the help anyway.

  10. Try apple directly. Either in store or just the support chat. They helped me with a few strange issues.

  11. I would return it and go find another one, or see if Costco will mail you one. Dealing with Microsoft is going to take weeks at best

  12. I once visited an out of town friend unannounced an a Sunday morning. ( was in town for something else )

  13. Not sure why I’m getting downvoted. They provided some good context. shrug

  14. There’s an obvious answer as to what that is when you had just dropped your phone.

  15. Serious question, why are you buying a HomePod and using Apple Music if you hate Apple so much? Just use google products. They make an alternative to all of these things.

  16. Because then he couldn’t fulfill his life by coming in here and bitching about it with some illusion that he’s running the “fanbois” day

  17. If you have a computer at home you can leave running, you can setup something like Google Remote Desktop to access the computer then use the browser to access your Nas....... This allows access to your docker apps and it's free

  18. I won't be using it for what I requested, but it's cool for other applications like when I'm in bed for the night and need to close out some app 2 floors down and then shut down my PC.

  19. Oh agree. I have computers running all the time and can remote into them. I just wouldn’t do it JUST for this. So many issues. Like if your house has a power outage. Sometimes they don’t boot up right. The NAS can ( or better you have it on a UPS ).

  20. I’ve never dropped it and it’s been and it’s in pristine condition. Could Apple make up some lie and say the I ruined the inside?

  21. I can’t see how Montreal is number 1 after selling basically their 3 best players and losing their head coach.

  22. I have no opinion on the lower clubs, but others have made very cogent points, like Vancouver (my home) being a club with 0 history and I assume no roster, being ahead of ANYONE.

  23. Especially other CPL teams . They do have some players and a coaching staff though. Still. Seems odd

  24. What are the UK rules that this is the result of someone stealing your phone.

  25. I don’t know what the rules are but there’s clearly a grey area as police can’t/won’t help.

  26. Weird. Apple in Canada has a signature policy. You must sign for the fedex package.

  27. It’s on the apple website. Out of warranty, screen repair. Will vary depending on where you live

  28. Try a third party app, like Daisy Disk or something... Unfortunately, the Mac's included stuff can leave a lot to be desired.

  29. The size of Google Chrome seems grossly inflated.

  30. I don’t think you’re supposed to use those. It’s bad for airflow and cooling

  31. laptops expel heat everywhere. “Lmao”. It’s a rubber sheet over 1/3 of the surface area of the laptop and some of the only holes near the cpu.

  32. This is crazy. What Apple Store are you at? Can you go to another one? Feels like sore zealot technician is out to be a hero trying to save Apple a dollar.

  33. I'm living close to the Apple Store in Dresden, Germany. The next one is like a two hour train ride away which seems like a disproportionate effort on my end to prove that my iPhone is 100% genuine Apple.

  34. Even if it's over wifi (my own router) connected to their modem I ask because if I unplug modem the nas stops responding so it Confuses me

  35. It shouldn’t. So you’ve got something wrong with your network. How are you accessing the NAS? By IP?

  36. Quick connect is over the internet. So if you’re using that, that’s why.

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