1. Transgender? Fluid gender? All I want is Boobies God dammit

  2. Is there a lore reason your post is tagged NSW

  3. Stuff I write at 2 am because I'm to lazy to search actual porn and to uncreative to just imagine it

  4. For those wondering, here's a translation spanish-english

  5. I'm going to assume that some guy, hundreds of years ago, fapped to this

  6. Now I imagined an early 2000 sitcom about a JoJo family member

  7. When people use a color in your language as an insult

  8. Guys please be mature, this is the same level of laughing to Uranus

  9. This may blow your mind, but instead of saying "Hispanic" and "South American", you can actually say Latin American, which believe it or not, covers BOTH people groups

  10. si encuentro a yolo en la calle lo voy a matar y masturbarme encima de el

  11. I feel that DreamWorks did the same with Death in the new Puss In Boots movie, specially after The Bad Guys blew up in the furry community

  12. I'm so picky I started to write my own romantic/erotic book that I will never show to anyone else except myself on late nights

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