1. not difficult at all- it actually features the removable "skirt" (as I think it is called lol)... I scuffed it up some with sandpaper and then used a Krylon spray paint (gumdrop is the color)- it turned out beautifully. I've been consistently using it for around a year, and it has held up well, but I'm not tough on my keyboards either if that's a thing haha.

  2. Well, it looks beautiful! I’ve been stalking different colored aluminum and acrylic cases trying to find something with color, but it’s nice to know I can try just painting it myself.

  3. yes! I also did the same with the royal kludge- purple and teal and used washi tape- it was slightly more tricky but not too bad!

  4. Oh! Is that how you got the teal pattern on that board? I was wondering!

  5. I still have my Ipsy sub, but I’ve been skipping most months. These days I get Macy’s Beauty Box and Copacetic Cosmetics Cutie Box, and I’m much happier.

  6. There are a few things I can only get at Sephora and I WISH Ulta would start carrying because I love the rewards! Armani foundation, Charlotte Tilbury, Oribe, Laneige (lip mask 😍), Paula’s Choice to name a few. I love Ulta but always saw the selection at Sephora to be better. 😢

  7. Paula’s choice website regularly runs 20% off or better sales, or sends out coupons for same if you’re on their mailing list, I would never buy them from Sephora, always from their website.

  8. Personally I’m loving it - I’m short, full length on me is a 26” inseam, 28” if I want to wear heels, so ankle length pants just means I don’t have to hem them to fit. I’ll be sad when the trends go back to lengths I can’t wear without either alterations or rolling up the cuffs.

  9. I did a ton of digging and finally found

  10. My hero! I looked everywhere and couldn't find this.

  11. I’ve been skipping most months lately. The bags I got I’m happy with, but I think I’ve unpaused maybe twice this year.

  12. Kind of hard to get new inventory when you have a reputation for not paying your vendors.

  13. I think I got Vanilla Orchid from the Skylar scent club a few months back. $10 is a great deal for a really nice scent.

  14. I get the Copacetic Cosmetics beauty subscription and I've seen so incredibly many green flags that I never even question them. When a company does the exact opposite of Alltrue in every single situation, it gives me A LOT of faith in them. I get to choose my items and I know it'll show up on time, if not early.

  15. Oh I love this box! Just got my July box yesterday. The Labyrinth theme was amazing!

  16. Well, sacrifices have to be made for Omalas Delmond

  17. I kind of loved that this read like a rebuttal to Omelas though...

  18. This happened to me too. I had three boxes left on my annual.

  19. They are great. I use them for relaxation after a yoga session or when I’m in need of a power nap. I would have bought more but found them on sale at TJMaxx for $5/box.

  20. I'll have to check my local TJ Maxx then! The best I'd found was three boxes for $45 on Amazon. :(

  21. I love the self heating eye masks, and grab extras every time they come through. I get chronic sinus headaches and migraines, and these are the perfect amount / duration of heat to beat the pain (I keep some grace and stella gel masks in the freezer for when I want ice, different headaches want different approaches). If you have ever tried microwaving an eye mask to treat a headache, these are exponentially better / longer lasting, and don't require a trip to the kitchen to work.

  22. I’m getting that quad too - I love their singles, super excited to try it

  23. I probably won’t use the shower scrub, and I prefer cream/liquid bronzer. I have the Briogeo, but I think the reason I haven’t used it yet is because it needs to be left in for 10 minutes.

  24. I absolutely adore that hair mask as a side note. I have frizzy color treated hair, and it always leaves it sleek and shiny.

  25. I noticed the descriptions do not seem accurate on some of the products. I included screenshots of some of these but I think there are more.

  26. They’re travel size / purse sprays, which is “full size” for that form factor. I’m not getting too upset about it when it’s three of them for $12-$18. It’s still a good price for what you’re getting.

  27. They won’t change it, but sometimes if you reach out to support they’ll offer points or something. It’s at the discretion of the support agent. While they’re not obligated to make this right, they do want customers to be happy.

  28. Poesie has a few. Hera and Athena are in the general collection. Aphrodite was in a past LE collection that’s currently unavailable.

  29. Pink Seoul beauty box is still around, they're pretty much skincare only (I've occasionally gotten a band for keeping hair off my face while masking or a lipstick, but 99% skincare). Their focus is exclusively on kbeauty, you choose skin type, skin tone, and skincare goals, and they curate a box for you. I liked it, ended up unsubscribing because I was on product overload. Definitely on my list to resubscribe to one of these days though.

  30. I picked the Sulwhasoo serum because I've been wanting to try it forever, but I really hope that this pencil shows up in add-ons.

  31. I really love these razors, but I'll be canceling the ongoing sub and only doing buy it now when I need a restock going forward I think. I don't shave every day, so one razor head is usually good for an entire month for me.

  32. They usually ship for me with the next month's bag - I had one show up with a refreshments order weirdly. Never on their own.

  33. I did. The bottle is gorgeous, the scent is a little stronger on the white lily than I necessarily care for, but otherwise it's nice.

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