1. “Is that how you did it to x”………it was in reference to a hot talk we had about past partners. I was so close to saying it but refrained. I told her about it later and she said “something’s maybe you shouldn’t say”. Don’t matter it was till hot AF.

  2. Rarely, but I am very intrigued and turned on by my partners sexual past.

  3. It’s not a constant craving but I do enjoy it, I’d say 9 when everything Is right.

  4. The dryer scenario I talked about is one I do often with him, just ask him to eat me out on ours while I imagine it like it happened, that one always makes me cum.

  5. Does he ever say things like “is this how “x” did it?”

  6. No not usually he usually just lets me get into my head and imagine it!

  7. Do you tell him what you are thinking or does he just let your thoughts be your own and enjoy it?

  8. My SO who never sexts, maybe a small comment here and there, she would probably go total slut. He’s her celebrity crush.

  9. Depends on the context, if it’s fantasy related maybe.

  10. Breasts are breasts, they show them off for beads. But a bare naked ass, in doggy 🤤

  11. Oh I know. His background is just a simple back shot of me walking up the stairs with my hand in my hair while wearing a high slit formal gown.

  12. Men are simple creatures, don’t overthink it. Sometimes the simplest things trip our trigger.

  13. You pretty much answered your own question and got it right.

  14. I’ve got an actual list, made it for the wife. Only about half of it is complete. One not complete is “light bondage”. One thing complete is “prostate orgasm”. Nothing is holding it up but her willingness, patiently waiting 😊

  15. One of the best ways to lay it all out, black and white.

  16. Yes. It shows eagerness like she wants to get every drop of my soul.

  17. To own it, because it’s mine. To not be ashamed of it and to let it out to play often.

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