1. Mostly everything in our program is hit or miss

  2. Not Klutch or buckeye. They are good always

  3. I don’t know if you’ve been living under a rock, but klutch has had a lot of complaints in the last couple months. I don’t know if you’re on Reddit any it seems like they have fix the problem now, but it took a good three months

  4. Yes I am on Reddit and I did not have any issues when everyone was complaining of mold.Bought a lot and never had a issue. Bought certified no taste everytime Certified sucks

  5. Certified chargers 150 fir half ozs smalls. Are they joking? The buds are the smallest ever, I know they are smalls but they should be called micros

  6. I go there all the time , they have ozs of full buds 180 and under. Not sure. What you on but can I get some .They do have some stuff that us expensive but don’t buy it then

  7. The chronic and I don’t mean that dr Dre album

  8. If you're buying in the Ohio program you're already getting robbed my dude.

  9. Haha I know my dude. Interested but hate getting shit. I want to try skunkberry

  10. I've had their skunkberry a few times and it's probably their most consistent offering imo.

  11. They send them out like the same day at 4 pm. Lame

  12. Terrasana has apres rib and Techron 30 percent off if you buy three. Garfield

  13. Klutch rules , people just complain about everything I picked up a half oz of Sherbhead and orange 43 both bomb and 8.49 heat spike. Bomb

  14. Bam has 15% off if you buy a oz or 10 % off half oz. Call them

  15. Michigan weed is usually trash. They do not test all there products but it is a deal

  16. You can microwave it. It says on box small print I think

  17. Straight off the spoon, I have put it in tea also Just stir before each sip

  18. No taste or smell when o had it and pricey

  19. Certified looks good but when I had it. No flavor or smell

  20. When they had the jars , you could barely smell it , it was old too so the smell fades. I think Not like they put a fresh bud in the jar every week

  21. Yes I was followed until turnpike,then a cop pulled me over on turnpike,he said do you know gas fast you were going ? I said ya 71, he said get out of the car. I told him what I had. He searched car and called back up They found what I had. I showed my card and they finally let me leave. No thanks not doing that again

  22. Not to say anything bad about tcc. I think it’s good. But what’s up with the price of it lately , I have been seeing it fir cheap or sitting on shelves. Just asking

  23. You got it. The buds look good. How was smell

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