1. Michigan weed is usually trash. They do not test all there products but it is a deal

  2. You can microwave it. It says on box small print I think

  3. Straight off the spoon, I have put it in tea also Just stir before each sip

  4. I just got one in my last bud of it from a half

  5. Did you happen to hang onto it and willing to part with it haha

  6. Looks good. Just not wasting money on certified

  7. Certified looks good but when I had it. No flavor or smell

  8. When they had the jars , you could barely smell it , it was old too so the smell fades. I think Not like they put a fresh bud in the jar every week

  9. Yes I was followed until turnpike,then a cop pulled me over on turnpike,he said do you know gas fast you were going ? I said ya 71, he said get out of the car. I told him what I had. He searched car and called back up They found what I had. I showed my card and they finally let me leave. No thanks not doing that again

  10. Not to say anything bad about tcc. I think it’s good. But what’s up with the price of it lately , I have been seeing it fir cheap or sitting on shelves. Just asking

  11. You got it. The buds look good. How was smell

  12. Blueberry cookies was good ,also biker kush was nice. Second breakfast smelled and tasted like poop ( a lot of people like that one ,not me )

  13. I’m trying ascension biomedical cherry star buds today. 107 otd for 14.15. 🤞

  14. Got fruity star bud a half oz looked nice. Smelled like poop and tasted like poop to

  15. How were the terps? I called on the cherry star. Myrcene is 22mgs which I thought was pretty good.

  16. Bam in Elyria 10 percent off half ozs. 15 percent off flower on Sundays

  17. Does it always smell like shit? I picked it up fir the first time ,after having their blueberry cookies, but it smells rough

  18. Got a kings mustache jar 1 little bud and a huge bud

  19. Dawg poop. Never had scout dog just playing

  20. Quaker was a quarter, zip is a oz, onion is a oz

  21. I like the whip it flower Cookies and cream crossed with Mac1 good bud

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