Bocchi the Rock! - Episode 8 discussion

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Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 - Episode 8 discussion

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  1. You know any tutorial that i can follow to train faces?

  2. I made that model about 2 months ago using

  3. does the regularization images only works if I use the Euler sampler? or can I use other samplers?

  4. did you use the impainting tool of AUTO1111 or did you created the mask on an external program?

  5. can you post some more pictures of that space? it looks beautiful!

  6. Ok. I’ve taken a few more pictures, but I have no idea how to add them to the post. I’m on a mobile if that makes any difference.

  7. just upload them to imgur and post the album on a comment :)

  8. they are more bothered with what those hands could possibly be holding. or touching. Or... nvm.

  9. El narcotráfico hacé milagros supongo...

  10. inb4 el narco se arma su propio equipo y se ganan varias copas en primera liga

  11. The commit today was large and buggy. Got Xformers errors on my Ubuntu laptop after updating this morning, I'm not using Xformers on it.

  12. Would EDTV be good enough for them instead?

  13. only if you can find one, those are as rare as unicorns

  14. Why would they end the series in the middle of a season? They would have announced it before hand whether the series has less than the standard 12/13 episode format.

  15. coff coff Isekai Ojisan coff coff

  16. She stopped being human a long time ago, and is now an amorphous shapeshifter.

  17. man bocchi on a box now has a whole new meaning after remembering that book (No Longer Human)

  18. One of the best comedy series in the last 20 years

  19. I remember this bit about putting "dilll" as a keyword for blowjobs, someone made that discovery like a week ago or something. Now, for "ATitanStrawBerry" I'm sure you can use tags like "felatio", "oral", "blowjob"

  20. the novelai dude burnt a zero-day to steal from their github

  21. Pixiv is being flooded by NovelAI generations is not even funny

  22. can someone confirm this comment?

  23. im not an adventure guy, but im the sucker of happy - slice of life - comedy stuff...

  24. have you seen Kiniro Mosaic? Gocchumon wa Usagi Desu Ka? sound like those are up to your alley mate

  25. meanwhile I remember there were certain articles closely controlled by the US government, heavily editorialized

  26. Make one for your boyfriend's wife while you're at it !

  27. is that a good or a bad thing?

  28. These are two finetunes of specifically the last stage of StableDiffusion (the VAE) that outputs the image to try to refine its quality. Trained to 560k steps and 840k steps respectively, with the latter (MSE) being trained to be a bit smoother, per their docs. These can then be

  29. That's relatively new then - I've been running 2x2080S cards for a while now and it would never pool them. In any case, like I said, that's one of the things NV uses to segment consumer RTX from Quadros, so it'll be interesting to see if NV responds by gimping NVLink even more.

  30. sorry for necrobumping, did you managed to pool the vram with nvlink?

  31. what? are you sure? this was my backup plan in case I couldn't get my hands on a A6000

  32. Perhaps I was exaggerating a bit, I was using an rx5500xt before that and it's certainly usable. But the difference between AMD cards and Nvidia cards was night and day at the time, I think specifically in cycles. From what I understand now though is that AMD cards are properly supported by blender.

  33. it's still night and day, RT cores and Optix are just miles better with Nvidia

  34. she always has been best girl

  35. Dude, just wife her up already, dammit!

  36. Have you set the stylus to act like a pen in the xournal input settings? It appears currently it acts like a pen only when you hold the button down. Something similar to this:

  37. yeah, it's setup like a Pen, if I set it up like anything else, it doesn't work

  38. can you EIL5 what is this doing? I don't get the gist of what is this doing in the first place

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