A huge russian ammo cache is found inside a school in a liberated settlement in the Kherson region. What’s Amnesty International got to say about this? Oh, that’s right, nothing.

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  1. Fragmentation from the nade itself or hard objects nearby go far. That's why you never throw nearby nades into hard containers, appliances, ect. Either GTFO, duck and cover, or throw back.

  2. yeah.... if you are a zombie (hope somebody gets this reference)

  3. Strap me to a missile and fire me at the Kremlin inshallah

  4. I would drag my ass cheeks along a mile of cactus spines for the opportunity to 9/11 the Wagner HQ

  5. You’re betting 75c that it’s a swastika, right ? Well, that’s 53c that you’re going to lose, though if you’re right, I’ll owe you 39c…

  6. Nah, rubles. I only gamble in currencies that get me ostracized and shunned from the rest of the world

  7. Hey were stationed up north on the Rhine it’s cold out there!!! lol

  8. This is a real thing I have made it before. all you have to do is soak the shrooms in everclear (I’ve made it work with vodka too) for a week then strain out the mushrooms, evaporate most of the alcohol off and store it it the freezer. I’m not sure why his tastes like maple syrup. The syrup was probably added to the ever-clear at the final step to improve taste. But mine kicks in in 10 mins and doesn’t cause any nausea or come up


  10. tbh in war time I really don't understand this rule.

  11. Also, a lot of schools tend to be built like brick shithouses compared to most other buildings in smaller towns.

  12. Top 10 Traders: Here were the 10 best trading members of Congress in order of performance per data provided by UnusualWhales.

  13. Alls I know is that until these new-fangled Skynet bots can smell my farts and take the new place in my life as a replacement mommy-figure, those machines can learn these nuts. I even wrote a new code for it, but Elon doesn't want you to know about it. The code to make any machine be your new mommy is this right here: ~~~~~€=============8

  14. "Death to Carthage Rome greatest country I make rap for the senate and people of Rome" -Tupacus sacurus

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