My dog died today, feel like posting some cannabis altercation he had

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. What a goof ball. I'm on my second boxer (their lives are too short) and they both do that funny wild pause then suddenly in motion thing. I love it. I hope the videos of your beautiful boy give you comfort.

  2. Just go with it, the effort alone warrants it.

  3. Lol back to the "women's intuition" argument from the 1920s. No women aren't supernatural they are normal humans

  4. Hey, you might learn something about intuition from reading the Gift of Fear. I highly recommend it, not just for young girls.

  5. For sure. A lot of us still have that hyper vigilance for easily missed red flags. Abusers tend to be extremely charismatic.

  6. As a guy, I've been watching this subreddit's critique of masculinity and society overall. I've been gathering your secrets. Learning witchcraft.

  7. I've got extra emotional energy today so I'll take the (don't worry, I know it was unintended) bait - hey, anything you're struggling with particularly?

  8. Uhh... Not much? I'm currently trying move into my first apartment. My worry is that I don't know who my roommates will be since I'd be the first to move in.

  9. My advice is to lean into that connection! Since everything else is up in the air or new to you, making connections should help you feel more confident and less depressed/anxious.

  10. Let's see, the democrats weaponized the FBI against him as a candidate and while he was president and now they've weaponized the IRS against him. That's how terrified the democrats are of Trump running and winning again.

  11. How did the Democrats weoponize the FBI? Who appointed the current director of the FBI?

  12. The woodsy (read: not by the bison) part of Battelle Darby is pretty nice. Also, bison! I like scioto Grove too.

  13. Local Columbus video game discord server? 🤔 Would that be a thing anyone would be interested in??

  14. Technically our three year anniversary was last winter break, but we mainly play in the summer nowadays so this felt like the right time to celebrate with everyone! Introducing our characters, clockwise from the top:

  15. I'm so so so glad you shared their stories with us. These are so cute!

  16. Please!!! This is too cool, I know a friend who would love it.

  17. But now the rest of the pieces don't get even chocolate lava!

  18. Thank you for deleting your first comment and coming at this in a better way. I try to do the same thing.

  19. I'm so sorry. There's nothing to forgive. You are absolutely justified in your feelings.

  20. Thank you. I almost wish they'd officially split the definition into three categories-- single event PTSD, CPTSD where it's chronic + low-level + has identity disruption, and then PTSD where there are multiple severe events. It would solve a lot of the issues in finding the right support right there.

  21. When I fully internalized and understood this, I swear I started taking criticism differently.

  22. I believe while high, your brain is unable to keep up those barriers to all the stuff it usually protects you from. All those locked doors get blown open. But I hope you will hear me you don't have to be embarrassed or feel ashamed about your memories. You are not that person anymore, or you made a mistake, and you're human. We are all cringe and that's okay. We are continuously learning. It's okay. It doesn't change who you are.

  23. It's always a must stop when I drive to Wisconsin. There's one I think I'm Phoenix, AZ I've been to at least the one at the Diamondbacks stadium. 😍😍

  24. And I doubt the average person understands that the corporate profits are often reinvested into more jobs and more capital.

  25. Lol the rest of us have caught up that trickle down economics don't work.

  26. I have been 2 long term relationships for the majority of my adult life, but in between I did have several, uh, escapades.

  27. I’d be careful about calling ANY side domestic terrorists. That’s a very slippery slope that leads to violence.

  28. The violence is already here. Wake up. Open your goddamn eyes dude. Do you need me to hold your hand and send you concrete evidence?

  29. Thank you so much, omg! 😭🙏 I did actually scan them and am contemplating making mini prints of the most popular ones. ☺️

  30. I followed you on Instagram! I hope you keep doing what you're doing. 💜

  31. I see you are selling your pieces one by one. These are so pretty, I would love prints on small cards. I see that a lot at craft markets where I am and I like to put them up on the pillar in my kitchen. 💜 You have such beautiful eye for color.

  32. The last gluten thing you had should be your last (or... Something in a couple weeks, follow me here). This might sound harsh because you're probably only thinking about the things you're going to miss. Can I challenge you to think about how good your going to feel tomorrow and the next day and the next day when you just completely stop? What will you be able to do that you have been struggling to do? What will your energy look like?

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