1. Feels that way, I want to take it to ACCC and need to know if it is indeed illegal conduct.

  2. You can call them for advice

  3. That escalated quickly! I’m not sure how she got from her first email to the second and then that monologue was just off the wall crazy. Your response was quite reasonable and you were still open to working to find a new date and then she just flips?!

  4. Dress 2 is absolutely stunning on you! That’s my vote 🙂

  5. It’s completely bizarre to me that she’s messaged to say the box has been left out when it hadn’t been ?!

  6. I think you look beautiful. If this was my wedding day makeup I’d be really happy

  7. If you’re renting there’s families who have lived in the hills for a long time that can’t get anything and are having to move out of the area. You’d be very very lucky to find anything.

  8. 11.30am is totally acceptable. We have neighbours who start up the leaf blower or chainsaw well before then. They’re the ones I grumble about.

  9. My son has an unknown sub-type of muscular dystrophy with mutations in the RYR1 exome. He doesn’t really fit into the same category as others with a RYR1 mutation because they usually have myopathy instead of muscular dystrophy. Wish we had more answers too but I came to the conclusion we’d never get them so try not to think about it these days.

  10. 2 weeks after my dad ended his life, I went to my GP because I had barely slept for 2 weeks and wanted a certificate for work and something to help get some sleep. She said " I'll give you a certificate for today but there's no point sitting around being sad you just need to get back to work. " Also reluctantly gave me a script for 10 melatonin tablets (need a script for them in Australia), at a strength that is less than a child's dose. I'm 37.

  11. I’m really sorry that happened to you.

  12. Every time it rains and it’s foggy on the freeway you see so many idiots driving without their lights on. How do they not realise?! I seriously just don’t get it.

  13. In our state of Aus I believe they’ll ban drones or at the least regulate them so heavily it will be useless to own.

  14. My daughter brought home Covid from school at the end of last week. Unfortunately I was the sacrificial lamb and in caring for her also caught it as well as my other daughter. Looking at the school numbers this week there’s been a noticeable jump in numbers here. Not looking good for winter. I think schools and teachers aren’t going to get much relief anytime soon. I can’t believe people still think it’s okay to go out with any kind of symptoms.

  15. Day 3 was most definitely the worst for me too and Pho is the only thing I’ve been able to eat. The sore throat has literally made it impossible to have anything other than soup.

  16. Boost uses the full Telstra network. I’m on a $30 a month plan unlimited calls/text and data rolls over each month. There are cheaper plans with Boost if $30 is too much. My daughter uses Aldi which is also Telstra but not the full network as others have mentioned. Only places she struggles with reception is the Riverland but other than that it’s really good. We’re in the Adelaide hills and used to be with Vodaphone but coverage wasn’t good when heading into the Barossa etc

  17. We recycle all drink containers to get the $0.10c refund. I bought two huge wheelie bins and when they’re full we take them to the depot. Last time we got $150.

  18. Kurralta Park shopping centre gets my vote. Absolutely awful.

  19. Hi! Pediatric PT and fellow disabled person here. Assistive devices are there to INCREASE your mobility and independence. You know what decreases mobility and independence? Getting injured in unnecessary falls! As long as you're getting your exercise and your standing/weight-bearing time in for your general health, use the mobility devices that work best for you. Good luck!

  20. This 100% My son has CMD and a year ago he was still walking but had a fall inside the house and broke his knee. He can’t walk anymore as a direct result of the injury and is now in his chair full-time. Falls can have devastating consequences

  21. Do you have a healthcare card? If you do I think they’ll wipe the cost of the ambulance ride with proof.

  22. I still give the courtesy wave. It totally shits me when others don’t though. If I let someone in and don’t get a thank you wave I’ll mutter ‘you’re welcome! arsehole 😒’. Personally I’m not going to stop with the wave just because others can’t manage it.

  23. Tom Holland (Spider-Man). Just a loveable kid who has skills

  24. Id just take it out, salt water soak and open air dry

  25. ESH I think it's kinda creepy you would keep this from her but maybe also she overreacted a little too.

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