The Words "Clanker" and "Death" mean the same thing to you (WIP)

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  1. Damn that's pretty good for a 1st attempt

  2. Thank you! I grabbed some experience by painting some Star Wars Legion Minis

  3. You've tried just googling? Nobody is able to find any of the battleforce stuff as they're ridiculously popular right now. I'm surprised Rex is not available.

  4. indeed I've tried but so many options appear and as a newbie it's a bit overwhelming

  5. Wow, I haven't seen this meme in a long long time

  6. Just in case you wanted to know what I’ve added: I “Fordo-fied” the middle clone, now all the backgrounds are made by me and added background clones, an LAAT on the utapau part and more clones on the Jedi Temple :)

  7. Thank you lots! Im very glad you liked it :)

  8. Hey! This looks super dope! Can I please use it as a video for my music playlists? Cheers

  9. Sure! But don’t you prefer the finished version?

  10. Good work trooper. For the Republic!

  11. There’s like 100 animated films about parents/parent-ish figures trying to hide their children from the world, Tangled comes to mind specifically, usually it doesn’t end very well for the captors, that should tell them something.

  12. I won’t repost but with this comment I won’t ignore it either

  13. I can’t believe I made that mistake twice the same day

  14. If everything goes north it will be a "yes way" I hope

  15. Rex has a photo of his friends

  16. I usually heat oil in a pan fry them a bit then add water and cover to steam and it’s more than cooked

  17. I do that too! It worked the last time, I do not understand why it doesn't now, it might be that the Wrappers are homemade?

  18. Well yes, I myself also watched the thing from another world

  19. Man, yesterday something similar happened here, My dad was talking with one of his friends and asked him if he was drinking the CDS (another name for MMS) and he replied thet he was indeed drinking it but feeling not so good

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