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  1. The next sentence mentions 5000 series desktop CPUs, which I have also highlighted...

  2. Your quote referred to 5000 series APUs and mobile series

  3. AMD differentiates CPUs and APUs. The person asked 5000 series desktop CPUs

  4. Villains are also crazy powerful. Big Marvel villains have nothing on the Big DC villains. Darkseid vs Thanos would be an easy win for Darkseid.

  5. Yeah. Death battle did a video on the fight

  6. Heat rays radiate heat rather than conduct it. It should be impossible for that to make something colder.

  7. Is it implying aliens live in a cold world and their interpretation of hot is cold for us? (Say their normal temperature is -70 degree Celsius and their heat ray is 8 degrees)

  8. I don’t think it matters what the discrepancy in room temperature is. The heat ray would seem like a candle rather than an actual death ray but it doesn’t sound possible for it to be chilly.

  9. First, keep in mind BF.7 started in Europe and US. So careful making any assumptions.

  10. You are right in that BF.7 is a new sublineage. However, it really isn’t taking off elsewhere. The reason is the rest of the world got a lot of people infected with BA.5 which China’s Zero Covid policy prevented. BF.7 is not as good at evading antibodies from BA.5 infection as BQ.1, BQ.1.1, XBB, and XBB.1 are. But in China, with low hybrid immunity or infection immunity with BA.5, BF.7 can spread easily as well

  11. You could never hit herd immunity with current vaccines the moment Omicron came out.

  12. The Chinese have also recently caught up with developing their own monoclonal antibody treatment, but who knows how large they have scaled up production.

  13. Since the 2 monoclonals were made last year, I wonder if they work against BQ.1, BQ.1.1, XBB and XBB.1. Monoclonals like Babtelovimab and the two monoclonal antibodies in Evusheld no longer work now that the new subvariants replaced BA.5

  14. Remdesivir and Molnupiravir (though it is less effective than either Paxlovid or Remdesivir)

  15. That is the case. However, these are still a lot better than being unvaccinated:

  16. So let’s look at 3 doses. When 3 doses were introduced during the Delta wave for CoronaVac, it was found to be equivalent to 2 dose Pfizer (which my study above shows is better than 2 dose CoronaVac). Now, when Omicron came out, 3 doses of CoronaVac still had extremely low titers against BA.1. However, giving a Pfizer 3rd dose to 2 dose Pfizer or CoronaVac led to significantly increased levels against Omicron (regardless of original vaccine). That Hong Kong study is here

  17. Same. Although I am 17 but I hope that's also the case for us too. Will be getting the bivalent vaccine soon

  18. As a heads up (at least in BC), there’s 3 bivalent vaccines. Moderna BA.1 and original bivalent, Moderna BA.4/BA.5 and original bivalent, and Pfizer BA.4/BA.5 and original bivalent. Go for the BA.4/BA.5 bivalent as BQ.1 and BQ.1.1 are offshoots of BA.5. XBB is a recombinant based on 2 sublineages of BA.2. (BA.2 is closer to BA.5 as BA.4/BA.5 arose from BA.2)

  19. I'm in a Novavax clinical trial looking at their updated vaccine against their original vaccine. They're definitely looking to update it at some point.

  20. Which variant is the new one going to be?

  21. BA.1/BA.5 bivalent is certainly interesting. So no original strain

  22. Welcome to the Prompt! All top-level comments must be a story or poem. Reply here for other comments.

  23. That’s definitely an interesting idea

  24. Never in a million years would I have thought that assassinating all the major politicians of the most powerful nation in the world would turn out to be a good thing for the world as a whole, especially the citizens of that particular nation. From everything I'd been told, that nation was the bastion of freedom, the shining city on a hill that all looked up to. The freest nation on earth. A land of opportunity. The nation that was protecting all other nations from threats. I had destroyed their government. It was utterly demolished.

  25. The Alien ship commander had asked his experts to decode the radio signals of the only habitable planet in the star system.

  26. Henry watched on TV as Quick Strike approached Icy Storm. Although Quick Strike was known for his speed, he cautiously approached the bank. With Ice Storm building a wall of ice and threatening to freeze the bank employees if he is not given access to the vault, this is a classic hostage situation. Quick Strike (whom Henry knew as Peter) was known to deal with hostage situations before, breaking in and using his speed to get all the hostages out. Unfortunately for him, Ice Storm has covered the floor with ice, making it extremely slippery. For Ice Storm, this was hardly his first act of villainy. By looking at phone location data at all the locations Ice Storm has ever shown up at that specific time, he identified Ice Storm as Edgar. Since then, Henry has kept tabs on Edgar just as he had with other villain. Recognizing many searches of the bank and its blueprints, Henry knew Ice Storm will attack the bank next. Henry secretly paid for a renovation of the bank with floor heating. CCTV camera footage being broadcasted showed the ice melting over and over as Ice Storm desperately builds up more and more ice.

  27. "Alright then" Henry thought as he fires lasers at the eyes. Instead, he watched in horror as the eye-holes in the suit darken and when the laser stops, the eye-holes lighten up again, with no damage to his eyes.

  28. When you have the ability to gain new abilities based on who sponsors you, you'd figure that livestreaming your crimefighting to attract more sponsors for  would be a great idea

  29. I expected Nokia and was not disappointed

  30. Woah, we share a name, kinda. That's pretty cool

  31. Wow! I didn’t notice that. That’s cool

  32. So I gotta ask, how'd you get yours?

  33. Basically my brother had a Minecraft account that was Da_King_123 so I named myself CKing123 (with some underscores but can’t remember now) as my name starts with a C. Since then, I kept using CKing123 but variations if name is taken

  34. Flash runs on Java, and Java needs to run on the computer's OS to work (if I'm remembering what my instructor said correctly), so instead of having to get someone to click a link or download a malware/virus file, a hacker can just take over your computer directly without you taking any action.

  35. Flash does NOT run on Java and they are different technologies

  36. Handled in what specific way? At the ISA level? At the binary generation level? At the coding language level?

  37. By any chance are these using SIMD libraries or are you using intrinsics?

  38. That’s not the truth. They did run the trials: for BA1. FDA told Moderna and Pfizer to make BA.5 boosters instead so they did. As for the data, the BA1 safety data carried over and they tested in mice for antibody levels for approval. Human trials still happening on immunogenicity but because FDA wanted BA5 boosters and took the flu model of approval, hence why we don’t yet have data on that

  39. Nice. Didn’t know you could do expressions. I am still new to Python

  40. I actually love doing that in Cafeteria at the top and basically no one notice

  41. Are they actually different..? seems odd to submit different vaccines for approval in different countries. That article even says it provides good immune response to ba 4/5

  42. That is because both Moderna and Pfizer started working on an Omicron booster when BA.1 was the lineage infecting everyone. By the time it was ready and tested in people, BA.5 took over (BA.4 and BA.5 share the same spike, hence it is original and BA.4/BA.5 bivalent vaccine). So, FDA told Pfizer and Moderna to create a new bivalent vaccine for BA.4/BA.5.

  43. When did you get Covid and what country and state/province are you in?

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