1. Step one: realize which team is holding

  2. Refs need to start losing $50,000 per bad call. Maybe then they'll learn how to do their job

  3. What I would give to see that franchise go bankrupt

  4. Honestly, the refs might as well have been wearing red all night

  5. Same goes for the announcers. So much bias. NFL is getting harder and harder to watch

  6. Shut the fuck up. 1. The refs fucked them bad. 2. Denver's hasn't been in the same league as them since they got burrow. Gtfoh

  7. It's almost as if there's two of them. I hear a stretcher calling his name

  8. Doin just fine. Thanks for caring

  9. Can't beat the refs unfortunately. This shit was rigged from the beginning

  10. Probably because he had personality

  11. I don't remember them testing Xfinity cars the past few years. Why now?

  12. Dear God whoever gets this job please know what the hell you're doing. I'd prefer an experienced coach but if it's Demeco then so be it. Just be good please!

  13. Two non champions complaining about how champions get crowned, totally not biased at all

  14. That has nothing to do with it but go on

  15. Anyone wanna bet OP did this to show off their overpriced Mercedes?

  16. No raiders. FTR. I'd be happy to see him in Indy though. Indy or Tennessee I think he could really thrive

  17. I love everything about this. That's one fine looking truck

  18. Maybe if you weren't a shit driver you could be around more and be supported more. Apparently Natalie thinks she should go far just because she's a woman

  19. Yes, he helped Rodgers to back to back MVP years. Ohh wait , we are on the broncos sub. I mean, yeah! Hackett was terrible and 100% of the fault!

  20. If he wasn't as bad as we all say, then why did the offense make a clear jump after he was fired?

  21. Yeah I'd get a different one. If they were careless enough for this to happen, what else did they do that you didn't see

  22. I think he declares, but I hope he doesn't. The Texans really suck ass and I don't want to see him waste his career with them. Now if he goes anywhere else, I'll be ecstatic.

  23. I saw a mock of him to the colts. I think that could actually be a decent gig for him

  24. As much as Id love for him to stay, it just makes no sense

  25. Defenseless whatever. These rules are stupid af

  26. Only one of the 6 7th seed playoff teams has had more than 9 wins in the regular season and played a close game in the wildcard round.

  27. Exactly why the playoff expansion never should've happened

  28. Imma be honest, I don’t think we’re getting Payton lol

  29. I don't think we're getting Payton or Harbaugh. But I know people don't wanna hear that

  30. Still undefeated on Saturdays oddly enough

  31. Holy shit they're actually gonna do it

  32. Barrett over TP and Braxton Miller on skill alone is an absolute joke lol.

  33. Yeah I contemplated changing the order, but Barrett was still a better passer than miller. If anything I'd move Pryor up

  34. Barrett couldn’t pass worth shit. Are you kidding me? Maybe his freshman year he was, but he regressed as a passer and no way was Barrett better than Braxton as a passer in Barrett’s senior season.

  35. Barrett has better stats across the board. More Tds, better QBR, better completion percentage. Nearly identical yards per attempt. Braxton had more power but Barrett had better accuracy. There's a reason why miller moved to WR. The only thing miller has a clear edge is running

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