England and Wales now minority Christian countries, census reveals

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  1. It’s your choice what you eat, if you want to have 14 takeaways per week, and can comfortably afford it, it’s your prerogative…

  2. Not particularly good for you as takeaways tend to be high salt and fat.

  3. There are numerous things that aren’t good for you though aren’t there. They were asking if it was unreasonable, not unhealthy. Also, we don’t know what they’re ordering, could be a local salad bar/healthy eating establishment for all we know?

  4. Sounding a might defensive there

  5. british newspapers. always been like this.

  6. Am British can confirm we have some trash media outlets; the Daily Mail, for example, infamously supported the Nazis in the 1930s with such headlines as "Hurrah for the Blackshirts", as did the Mirror with headlines such as "Give the backshirts a helping hand".

  7. Eh define cheap, 12 hours of fun for a tenner isn’t a bad economy!

  8. Tenner? Christ, in my day you could get trips for a couple of quid! That's worse than what's happened with Freddos!

  9. It's very convenient for you that "the biggest recession in the UK since the second world war" happened the exact moment our labour market got noticeably saturated with Polish workers, meaning we'll never be able to disentangle the data.

  10. You make it sound like the financial crash was a conspiracy I organsied to cover up for Polish plumbers distorting wages and productivity. If only I had that power. Very inconvenient for you though, that you can produce no data that supports your original contention and that the data that does exist contradicts you.

  11. What supporting data, that the biggest recession this side of WW2 depressed wage wages and productivity which had been unaffected by immigration beforehand?

  12. As they say, the dildo of consequences rarely arrives lubed.

  13. EuroVelo 6 through Germany and into Austria or Hungary?

  14. From Wiki, The Lib Dems Are Pro Redistribution "Do not think small enterprise is best for the economy" Pro Nationalisation (even though every time we nationalise anything it bloats and busts) Pro European Union while simultaneously Pro Devolution for Scotland and Wales. Pro Large welfare state Pro working people funding free university party people (who could theoretically be a forever student that passes no degree)

  15. Where, exactly, does it say that on Wikipedia?

  16. https://www.statista.com/statistics/242606/number-of-active-twitter-users-in-selected-countries/

  17. They're also high income users which means more advertising €. Well it would...

  18. Or the frequent masturbation jokes. That really makes advertisers think there's a firm hand on the rudder.

  19. Imagine being able to travel back in time to the cold war era and telling NATO people that one day in the future NATO countries will be making Soviet-standard ammunition😄

  20. I doubt they'd be that phased; the British Sten gun in WW2 was designed to take German MP28 magazines, so rhe concept isn't new.

  21. Having about half a million school ages kids makes it more affordable for one thing.

  22. Oh well that must be it because obviously they have the same number of tax payers as us.

  23. There are very many people who would take their kids out of public schools and put them into state schools if the prices went beyond their reach. Both the state school system and private schools would suffer.

  24. The counter argument is that if the children of our elites went to state school it would encourage us to invest in our education and raise the quality for everyone.

  25. People need to walk away from this trash app….

  26. Deactivated my account a couple of weeks back; as a bit of a news junky it was tempting to reactivate it but... Meh, no, it's just too toxic.

  27. Copelerone, because they might as well be made out of chocolate

  28. 10% Muslim but of course the guardian wants right wingers to share the headline

  29. Bollocks, go look at the figures. This is "no religion" rising from 25% to 37%

  30. Oil was restricted at my supermarket this week. Same with eggs.

  31. Article on it here if you're interested. Basically war in Ukraine, COVID, climate change affecting crops and biofuels are driving it.

  32. Even if i accept what you've said as fact, 65% and 59% are not 100%.

  33. Seems to me you're nit-picking to downplay the effect of food inflation. FWIW, the data comes from the ONS and covers just 12 months. So, if we're going to be nit-picking first of all the quote was "almost doubled" not "has exactly doubled" as you imply by your use of "not 100%". If you look at pasta over the period April 2021 to September 2022 the increase is 80%. Add on increases in the past two months and you're at "almost doubled". Similar for oil.

  34. I work in testing outsourced system being brought into my organisation. Even when development is done in an Agile way we tend to treat it as Waterfall from an acceptance perspective. Interestingly I'm currently working a project that was originally intended as three phase project; when the first phase was delivered months late we decided to move to an Agile approach.

  35. Do you mean to tell me you don't devote your entire Sunday to batch cooking frozen pizzas and chicken dippers?

  36. No; I feel like such a failure as a parent now as I generally just waste my kitchen time on Sunday making a roast...

  37. You useless fuck, I bet you even spend time with your children... disgusting.

  38. I am filled with shame and remorse and resolve to be more British in future. Even as I type here I'm looking up remote boarding schools I can send them to.

  39. If only there was some sort of way of copying words and searching for them on the internet, but alas, it seems there isn't.

  40. I can happily say i have never thought about the royal garter before and will take active steps not to in the future

  41. To clarify, that's the Order of the Royal Garter, not the actual garter. Or so I'm led to believe.

  42. Yep. If they were that great you would see the big saddle companies making leather ones. But they don't because it's not that great.

  43. Got a Brooks on my tourer; I've put over 25,000 miles in on it including one tour from the UK to Vietnam where I was doing 80 to 100 miles a day back to back at some points.

  44. Opposite ends of the spectrum there

  45. I deactivated my account and deleted the app. I don't get ads either.

  46. No it's not. It's an illegal route, where genuine asylum claimers can mount a legal defence against prosecution for some of the involved crimes.

  47. As long as they claim asylum on arrival it is a legal route.

  48. Where do you get that idea from? Even refugee charities disagree:

  49. It seems that since the law changed in July this is the case, yes.

  50. It’s actually very easy … delete your Twitter account and remove the app from your phone.

  51. The caulli has got gravy on it!

  52. I'd accept statistics showing that macroeconomic indicators were significantly underperforming against similar measures in EU countries such as unemployment, GDP, inflation and so on. As Brexit is so disastrous, this should be quite easy.

  53. Guardian desperate as ever. The actual question is why were 2018 and 2019 unusually high?

  54. Always remember this old banger sung at my school

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