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  1. The thing is that my coins I received match up to the amount of time I watched but the rewards only gave me 6 hours worth.

  2. On the road to hell where mom is like “My first time lasted longer than that” 😂 Also when she says “Walker you did pass basic training didn’t you?”

  3. America Chavez can cheese him just heavy spam him in the corner until he dies

  4. I had one spawn like right on top of me today. I turned around for 1 sec to get some pain meds in a toolkit room and a bruiser appeared and started frenzying.

  5. Idk if I should awaken 3 my molten lion or get hippo because suiryu is my only water 4*

  6. I’ve gotten all the zwats with randoms. Most of them are bad and u have to carry. Some are so bad that u can’t even carry, and some are really good. I always expect them to trigger hordes and get hit by sleepers so I always try to stay prepared for anything.

  7. Has been happening with random cards when I’m drawing them as well. I’m not sure what the cause is but I’m able to draw them and they work.

  8. Proof you high and ran straight into those birds lol jus saw that and laughed out loud… that’s all.

  9. Lol, someone triggered a horde so I triggered those birds immediately and walker triggered the other flock.

  10. Happens with the ogre too, if you go to where he came from

  11. I feel like they should make a marksman rifle class. Ranch rifle and M1 can have their own burn cards. I don’t dislike the M1 but sometimes I get 3 in a row when I wanna get the phoenix or barrett from a burn card

  12. Happens to me with enemy footsteps and ultimates. Every sound is gone except for the music and the announcer. I always have to restart my game to fix it but I’m not sure what the cause is.

  13. Same problem. Before I hit her ending I touched the grace. After the credits I spawned in the round table and I’m not seeing the boss room grace anywhere.

  14. Backpacks. Just let everyone have the same backpack space

  15. I wish each scroll filled up a nat5 meter little by little. Then at 100% you got a nat5. It'd make entering competitive and becoming enfranchised so much easier so c2u does have some incentive to do it.

  16. I was thinking the same thing kinda like how other games are with guaranteed ssr after x amount of summons

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