Home Defense kit from Kyiv, it ain't much.

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  1. ChatGPT is a tool that uses natural language processing to help you create macros for your virtual tabletop games. With ChatGPT, you can simply describe the actions you want to perform in plain English, and the tool will generate the corresponding code for you. This can be especially useful for creating macros for Roll20, a popular virtual tabletop platform that uses custom code for many of its features. ChatGPT can help you save time and effort by generating code for complex actions, such as rolling dice, applying damage, or modifying character sheets. Whether you are a seasoned developer or new to coding, ChatGPT can help you automate tasks and streamline your games on Roll20.

  2. That’s a bold statement with so little information.

  3. For future reference what kind of information would you like to see in future posts?

  4. ChatGPT is an amazing tool, definitely wish I would’ve known about it sooner! I will undoubtedly be adding more lore snippets in bite sized chunks as I complete city maps and publish them, and thank you for you response!

  5. Railed gas tube and block, with a dust cover rail to mount low profile flip ups

  6. UPDATE: for now i will be keeping the mullet, as many of you stated i look more conventionally attractive/professional in pic 1, and i look more interesting in pic 2. given i am currently pursuing a career in the music industry, looking like i fight buff kangaroos with boomerangs on the weekends is kinda nice. as for the dating scene i’ve gotten an equal amount of attention in both styles and mostly am looking for a style that suits my personality best. thanks for all the advice and hope you all enjoyed my post!

  7. That is one nice ass scar you got my friend. The first one looks like a young evil billionaire. The second one looks like his crazy cousin from Australia that kills jacked kangaroos with a boomerang. Both are good looks and that scar is working em nice.

  8. Dragalge is my favorite Pokémon, glad to see it get some representation

  9. Actually got an evasion armband and a rivals armband a raid apart from each other if you want one.

  10. Why would you have a California tactical SKS? I call BS on this pick and your stripper clips. You telling me dude hasn't had time to modify his sks to accept detachable magazines?

  11. Bro I live in a 2a state and I have an sks with an internal magazine, it’s not always about if it’s possible, it’s about hundreds of other factors most of which are hard to predict due to the recent invasion

  12. Been putting together a kit that heavily uses realtree and Ranger green. I really really wanted to hate realtree camo, but in the environment I live in it’s simply the best at concealing my silhouette and helping me blend in to the environment. Oh and realtree stuff is cheap asf and plentiful.

  13. I think posting battle maps with static monsters is like making a bicycle statue and showing it to bicycle enthusiasts. Some may appreciate the artistry, however many will find it pointless, unusable and impractical. Making art/ expressing one’s self is one thing however making something very similar that would be appreciated by a much wider audience is very obviously the preferable option both for the artist and the consumer.

  14. Those red hunters are pure pain. I run out of things to throw at them extremely quickly.

  15. The God Emperor and the demon vampire apocalypse, featuring the undead cyborg cult

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