1. Hey sweetheart, are you looking for a custom video or a cam call?

  2. Off topic but I love that channel.Been subscribed since he was formerly known as cinemasummary

  3. Who else took opportunity of this dip and loaded more shares?

  4. Idgaf if this nigga told or not.Rondo and Cdai dumbasses were cooked anyway because of Cdai leaving his phone at the scene.I know with the street shit none of that matter but it’s whatever.

  5. I thought it was common knowledge to the guys in the streets to never take a phone with you.

  6. Let me try to understand how this works. Someone sends me an unsolicited dick pic, and what I'm supposed to now want to fly to wherever they are so I can be impregnated?

  7. In the manosphere,it’s widely believed and accepted that if you are a Chad (attractive white guy), or Tyrone (attractive black guy),you are what they call an alpha and can say/do whatever you want with women and face no repercussions no matter how wild

  8. Right but how do we get from dick pics to clearing out "betas" from the gene pool?

  9. The manosphere calls any man that isnt up to their standards of attractiveness that treats women with common decency and respect betas. They believe the chads/tyrones dont have to treat women with respect at all and that its just a boundry set for betas(unattractive men by their standards)

  10. Idk why I’m getting mass downvoted lol.I’ve constantly been profiting from this method

  11. I’m Waiting for the inevitable further dip to buy back in lol

  12. I got my Myth to 130 (which was max the last time I played before Karamelle) for the bragging rights since I saw so few Myths and these comments have convinced me to take her all the way to max again. Life gang first but Myth gang close second 😌

  13. How is myth? I have been debating starting one up

  14. Fuck what people say.Good damage is good damage

  15. Just a reminder that a lot of mfs never leave their state. They small minded as hell

  16. That's wildh,there is a whole world to explore.

  17. Shit was supposedly over a bitch, but he happened to be Woo so niggas ain’t care to get em out the way. I hope if a nigga ever try to beef wit ya over pussy y’all could look past it cuz that’s wock.

  18. Pussy is leading factor of death/jail for a lot of men

  19. Although I love reading about the organized crime syndicates of African Americans and the Italians,it is wild to me how so many rappers like to name themselves after Italian mobsters despite the italians not fucking with us like that back then lmfao. A nigga will name himself ''Bandman Hoffa' and just assume shit was sweet between us and the Italians.

  20. They don’t fuck with us like that now either. I work in a majority Italian neighborhood they be saying the most wild shit when they think nobody listening n then laugh with you later.

  21. its crazy to think at one point, The mob and their respective families were running shit in Chicago and NY having the police in their pocket being able to get away with most things

  22. Felt so bad once you realized Dookie was going to become the new bubbles

  23. The redpill ideology has done a number on so many men

  24. Black guy here.It’s insane that white racists are so obsessed where we put our dicks

  25. Reads like the kind of guy who throws matches in online-games because some addon tells him his team only has a chance of 48 % to win.

  26. You just gave me DoTa flash backs from 2016

  27. Same here.... 6'4 and a tattoo that reaches my jaw (the bone of which definitely "mogs") and I welcome any vitamin deficient basement dweller to try to initiate violence

  28. How is the gym for you taller bros? I’ve noticed at 5’6 I filled out a lot faster than my taller buddy,but he is definitely stronger despite us weighing the same at 180

  29. Rolling 60s a grimey as hood. They infamous for killing each other , a lot of “ backdoor” shit going on. A lot of hoods in LA like that just the 60s more known for it then other hoods.

  30. Wasn't Nipsey Hussle a rolling 60's

  31. It's called portly, she's not pregnant. No one is touching that trash sack.

  32. you'd be surprised at what desperate down bad men would stick their dick in

  33. Black guy here born and raised.In my personal experience,I haven’t dealt with any form of racism but I’m not gonna lie and say that there isn’t any racism here at all.

  34. Muscle imbalance like a mf.Does he have a condition to where his left arm is fucked or ?

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