1. He always has that game or two a year that makes you think maybe he can be that guy but then the rest of the games reassure you he isn't

  2. He needs to accept he’s the new Fitzmagic, hop from team to team that have questions at QB1. Come off the bench in the 2nd half of week 4 and lead the team to a 2nd half comeback, then go on a tear from weeks 5-8, get enough people believing he is back then he just shuts the bed and then gets benched, but because he did enough in the 3.5-5 week window another team looks at him and goes huh maybe there’s something there and the cycle repeats

  3. Maybe his inconsistency is due to the inconsistency he’s had around him since entering the league.

  4. 3 teams in 8 months having Nick Chubb and CMC as your RBs, Odell, Landry, DJ Moore as WRs

  5. Man, Baker just can't decide if he's brilliant or terrible. How is he simultaneously both?

  6. That’s the baker dilemma that led to us moving on, for every game where he flashes the number 1 pick ability he follows it up with a 12/27 for 141 yards 0 TDs 2INT game

  7. No way he gets a extension whit how bad he has been. There will Be plenty of back ups on FA

  8. If he gets like a 1 year 1.25M deal to “prove it” as the backup again then I’d be ok with it

  9. I love Ned, but if I was able to score on him (when we were 6 playing in Cleveland youth leagues) then I’m not surprised nhlers have been lighting him up.

  10. Two months?? Six games??? Disingenuous as fuck, dude.

  11. Looks like a bunch of excuses for a guy we gave the best OL, RB a hand picked coach by him in Freddie, then a completely catered offense to cover up for him being a 1 read qb with Stef, got him odell and landry, and he still flopped.

  12. It’s not excuses. It’s reasons why his performance deviated from other seasons.

  13. I mean someone called Andrew Berry and all the other GMs because clearly you're seeing something people's whose career are looking at player and are being paid millions all in tandem ignored Baker... ok have a good night, let's see what happens next week

  14. "Ok Baker, something real weird happened buddy. They actually mixed around the schedule and we're playing the Bengals, but they have to wear Raiders uniforms"

  15. McVay has the equipment guy take a sharpie and draw bengals stripes on his visor, so every game he thinks only sees bengals and goes on to have a HoF career

  16. His 22 straight completions topped off with the dime to DPJ in the endzone for his 5th PaTD was probably the best game he ever played... he just hates you guys

  17. Like compared to the entire NHL he's "Meh"

  18. I yearn for average in some aspects.


  20. Going to ask about the topic we can all agree on...

  21. Poor defense, historic collapse vs the Jets, Cade having a couple rough games, Jacoby being limited as a passer meaning teams sold out and neutralized the run...

  22. A new minority owner pumping in some cash helps too

  23. 11-2, I play my wife’s team this week. She needs a win to get into the playoffs but I can’t collude and take my good guys out so it’s going to be a tough Sunday.

  24. I've lost 4 of my last 5, fell from 1st to 6th and the last playoff spot.

  25. So if he holds that block for just a half second longer does Watson see/read the DB that broke off DPJ and either tuck and run or hit a different WR there?

  26. So ya he's a Brown next year right?

  27. I don't think people realize how much respect Watson has around the NFL from players. Cleveland will be an attractive place to play again with him at QB. At least much more than it was with the former starting QB.

  28. So my wife bought me tickets to this game for my birthday but it was sold as sunday. Does that mean we need to repurchase tickets?

  29. You shouldn't this game was always put out as TBD

  30. All those guys listened to their teams and continually worked towards improving every off season. If I remember correctly didnt baker refuse to hire a qb coach the browns wanted to give him or something like that. Baker let his ego get the best of him and didnt think he had to improve on his footwork or his other deficiencies his game had

  31. Ya Baker's offseason improvement was him saying he knows what he needs to fix and "handling" it

  32. Okey so i commented something similar at GT, but what do you guys think about Berggren? For me, he has shown so much offensive upside that for me he needs a change on top 6. Even more now that Bert is injured again.

  33. He's for sure close to warranting a spot there, he's really settled into being a NHLer, I hope Vrana can return at some point as well because I think those 2 would play so well with one another

  34. I think the nuance you bring up of "close to warranting a spot" is supper accurate. If he stays consistent with how he's playing he should get a look. Its been just nine games though and im sure it will be hard work to earn the trust of the coaches for a top six spot. His offensive vision is obvious, but im sure coaches would be more concerned with his ability to minimize risk and play defensively against the top six of other teams. As long as he earns the trust of the coaches in those areas, he should make his way up there (if our injury luck stays as it is).

  35. Exactly. He's trending in the right direction, let's make sure he's ready to take on a larger role and not risk ruining his confidence

  36. In Jed's defense, he has some some good games mixed in, I've come to accept that he'll take a play off here or there, but these whole games where he just doesn't do anything is ridiculous

  37. Which is weird because he had couple good throws with lots of zip and great placement. May be a chemistry and timing thing. Would love to see an expert’s opinion on the low passes

  38. That should just be a release thing, something like his shoulders aren't squared up right, or it's just how he releases the ball itself/his follow through. Should be correctable with just more reps, like when he threw on the run it just looked like it did not come out clean

  39. Reminder: There is zero tolerance for Rape Jokes, Mocking Victims of SA. Bans will be handed out and any follow up to the bans will occur after the game or tomorrow.

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