1. I’m ready to throw hands to get my boy Gozer on top

  2. Had to email my supervisor twice in one day about

  3. OVC Smith Lane Animal Hospital. Extremely intelligent staff. Practices absolute gold standard medicine. Save the tax on some services due to being a teaching hospital.

  4. Don't know why you're being downvoted, it was everywhere around training camp and shouldn't have to produce a video for the nephews that can't recall it

  5. It’s bc people think you’re bullshitting if you can’t produce the direct link (which I don’t always agree with). And/or they want all the work done for them.

  6. Come on team Tubbs! I love mr meowgi, but the fact that Tubbs takes up both spots on the giant cushion is just too funny

  7. Where are we able to vote on them?

  8. OP creates a daily thread in the subreddit

  9. Can I just make him a turkey sandwich and call it a day since I’m already a nurse?

  10. Get him a lumpy pillow, thin blanket, and flat ginger ale. He will feel like royalty

  11. Unfortunately rural Ontario internet is shockingly awful. We moved just 1 hour north of Guelph, just outside of Mount Forest, and the fastest internet we can get is Satellite with Xplore. Bell and Rogers have told us they have no internet options for us.

  12. The coworking space above fixed gear has rental offices

  13. How did I not know this, I pass by Fixed Gear on the daily. Thanks!

  14. Lmao get over yourself my man

  15. Damn and I thought the 26k for my 2019 sport touring was a deal!

  16. 10th gen has the better exterior but 11th gen has the better interior imo

  17. It’s even worse up here in Canada where it’s free for anyone and everyone who’s got the sniffles or a broken nail

  18. Which part of Canada? In Mississauga ON, there were a LOT of walk in clinics. A number of them down the street from, or across the street from hospitals.

  19. Yes walk-in clinics are a great alternative to ER, but people are often advised against going there by their family doctors because it costs them if their patient goes to a walk-in rather than to them. Family doctors will drop their patients if they do this too often. But getting a same-day appt with your family doctor in ON is getting more and more difficult. So lots of people are resorting to ER.

  20. Summer 2016 was the peak in human history. Change my mind

  21. Lol seriously? Turned off the game when we was down 19 and now probably going to OT

  22. My girlfriend started tracking her spending in university and she just uses excel. She’s isn’t an excel pro by any means but she’s been able to track her spending for years now without much effort.

  23. These are dope, why the hate?

  24. I worked at Kumon from 15 to 20 years old (2010 - 2015). And was a Kumon kid long before that.

  25. Dan Scott, One Tree Hill

  26. Well watch it again cause you clearly missed it. Better question is when is the last time you had your eyes checked?

  27. L2M report confirms there was a foul

  28. I’m a photographer and know a lot of girls do That stuff on the side who have become friends Finding my husband googling to find their porn material is one of the most damaging things that can happen let alone weird

  29. Thought I was having a stroke reading this comment.

  30. That Ron Jeremy slip up is one of the funniest moments in Raptors history.

  31. Nope. Here in WA I was taught that if you’re getting tailgated you have the 2 up, 2 down rule. Go 2 mph faster. Still tailgating? Drop 2mph below your starting speed. It’s to see if either it forces them to create room or move. Some respond like this and shouldn’t be allowed to drive if they take everything so personally.

  32. There’s no way around the fact that OP definitely made the situation worse. Tailgater sucks too, but OP escalated the situation.

  33. Any differences in specs compared to US models?

  34. The Candy and Pop shop on the corner of King and Columbia by the McDonald’s would definitely have them - they’re also on UberEats

  35. King kunta….. I GOT A BONE TO PICK

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