1. Used a camera (A7R2). Bag checking didn't even bat an eye and a bloke seated near me had twice the setup I did so they mustn't mind.

  2. Do the math. They have a comparison on their website. You’ll basically get way less money off gas and groceries now. It’s so low, they might as well get rid of the whole program.

  3. Agreed. Even the building is dated and kind of gross inside. Dirty air duct, flies near windows, etc. I’ll never go back. The view is good, but it feels like an old folks home.

  4. Looks great. The sun is the one I want the most. I’m really hoping the online store opens soon.

  5. Haven’t they fallen apart at this point? If you go viral, they force you into a paid premium account.

  6. But what else will I keep under my sink

  7. I recently switched from Giant Eagle bags to this.

  8. I am just about 6’2”, so I’m not sure how well I could speak to your height, but I do find the car pretty comfortable. Even at my height, my head is above the headrest, so it can be a little uncomfortable on long drives without something to rest against. My legs and back and never hurt much though. The competition seats are comfortable for me and I have no complaints.

  9. Hopefully they are easy to get by the time you get a house! Good luck house hunting.

  10. Hot wheels literally released a C8 in their “supercar” line. I consider it a supercar and don’t really care what others think. There are too many gatekeepers in the car community.

  11. I’m loving the show so far. We knew it wasn’t going to be our universe. It’s enjoyable and I’ve waited so long for this.

  12. I assume Cortona being a clone of Halsey basically does whatever she wants despite Halsey thinking Cortona will do whatever Halsey wants? Seems like a mistake an over cocky person would make, so it makes sense. I wonder how quickly Cortona sides with John over Halsey 2-3 episodes?

  13. Either you just made your point to OP or you’re a legitimately good person. I can’t wait until I see more retail sales for those who want it.

  14. Considering that you’re ok with automatic, why not go for the c8 corvette? The z06 is coming out and should be in your price range, and even the 3LT now is a great track toy. Both have NA engines and there are definitely people that daily them, although they certainly won’t be as comfortable as a sport sedan.

  15. I agree. Even though the wait will be long, a Z06 3LT C8 sounds like it would be the perfect daily driver + track toy.

  16. I’m moving to Pittsburgh later this year and was thinking of getting a sports car like a GR86 or a Civic Type R (if I could find one). Are the roads there really that bad as people online like to rant about? Like if I got the GR86 would I just be absolutely miserable all the time?

  17. Around the city, yes. In the suburbs and on back roads, no. You’ll be absolutely fine and have some fun once you find some familiar roads.

  18. I live in western PA and often drive on backroads in the summer after a stressful day. Traffic around the city or populated areas is tough, but I just look for the hilly suburbs.

  19. These are actually the two models I want to buy. Sun and Moon. I’m not going to pay over MSRP, so I will just wait. I think they look great though.

  20. LSAB says:

    The grey one is Mercury ;)

  21. Oh god. Now I need three of them then. I like Mercury a lot.

  22. I’ve wanted a real moon watch for awhile now, but don’t really want to drop the cash on something I’m not sure I’ll wear often or enjoy. The Swatch is the same shape and is a good way for me to test out if I’m a watch guy or not. Honestly, if I end up enjoying the 2-3 Swatch’s I buy, I’ll probably end up buying the real thing.

  23. I use vesa mounts for my monitors and it’s much nicer having a lighter monitor for the arms than a heavy one. If it was to stay on a normal stand for a long period of time, then I agree with you. I’d assume most professionals use vesa mounts and want them to remain light

  24. It’s impressive the aerodynamics of the Aventador kept it that planted through all of the spins. Didn’t lift once from those tire marks or even think about rolling. That’s a solid car.

  25. Given it was spinning, I think it was more the low center of gravity that kept it from flipping. They don't typically engineer for downforce while traveling sideways or in reverse. It's why NASCARs have those huge flip up panels once they go into a spin to keep the tires on the ground. He's very lucky the road was so smooth so it didn't trip the car into high speed roof first contact with the guardrail.

  26. That’s true and you’re probably right. It’s probably the wide stance and low center of gravity that helped the most. Aventadors are basically land yachts.

  27. Without bicycle reflectors rear the rear wheels and at the front, this won’t be street legal in the USA. 😂. If you added reflectors, it would be perfect!

  28. Don't do it. We built a heartland (now owned by ryan). Many corners were cut. Fuck that company. It's all nice and friendly and whatever you want until they get your deposit. Once they have it, it's pretty much FU unless you can show it's a code violation or contract violation. Big ass crack in your porch concrete right in front of the door, FU. Paint that washes off the walls, FU. Poor grading leaving a swamp outside back door, FU. Paint can be literally pushed off porch columns with a finger (fiberglass that was not prepped or primed), FU. Chunks of concrete missing from curb, FU. yard full of buried bricks, asphalt, logs, gravel, pipe, various other building materials, FU. walls not flushed before drywall, multiple nail pops cracks recurring after fixing, FU "We only fix that once". Cheapest possible plumbing shutoff valves that need to be replaced and require cutting into drywall to do it. Bathroom floor over garage is ice cold in winter under insulated. That was all me, neighbors had cabinets falling off walls. Cracked and chipped counter tops, foundation issues from uncompacted soil. There's a lot more, I just can't think of it all right now.

  29. You hit so much on the head it’s insane. Those shitty shut off valves that have to basically be cut off to install real shut off values pissed me off so much. That and all of the carpets are thin and now have ripples in them. Cracks everywhere and nail pops….

  30. LMAO viewers in canada got shafted after that Chris Evan message. No new look at lightyear for us.

  31. It was the same trailer that came out awhile back. I don’t quite understand why they showed it. You didn’t miss anything.

  32. Get yourself a dash cam at post these idiots.

  33. They have a C7, so it’s possible she has the built in PDR. I know my C8 records while I am driving. Maybe they can pull the footage from that if they really wanted.

  34. Man they couldn’t have picked a better actor for chief,his face in my head is legit what I think of when I try and picture John with no helmet! Also I’m really partial to silver team pretty dope to say don’t fuck with my boy! Hoping we see some odst in the near future especially with their budget edit:Damn a gold?! Thanks dude/dudette/whatever you go by! Wort wort wort

  35. What if Nathan Fillian shows up as an ODST 🤯

  36. In my memory the pulled on his arm and that's what got his foot loose. Am I remembering wrong?

  37. He got his head and foot out on his own to escape the car. He was not helped outside of seeing someone to jump down to.

  38. No worries. It happened so long ago and we are all just strangers online. 👍

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