1. Hello, I want to play a game

  2. Hi OP, you typed the headphone equivalent of saying beetlejuice three times in your post title so I can provide some insight...

  3. They're back in stock? Haven't seen them yet...

  4. I have found more often than not I get automatic CLIs after paying off larger balances at once (~4-5k or so) in full. Citi Simplicity went from 7.2 to 9.8k, Barclays (when it was the Uber CC) and Chase went from 12k to 16k each. First time I paid off Discover BT offer I went from 5k to 7.3k. Just did another one and we’ll see if it goes up.

  5. I'm not sure what would make something good for primarily for gaming. Maybe something that plays into the 800S strengths like soundstage and imaging. I agree on skipping the foot-in-the-door-entry level stuff that gets posted 1000x a day like Schiit Audio Magni and JDS Atom. Nothing wrong with either, but the 800S will scale with what you give it.

  6. I remember some wonky-ness when upgrading to the New York release around this. Go to the Knowledge Base in question and check the Article Validity field. If you leave this field blank, and don't define a valid-to date otherwise, the Valid-To date will default to 01-01-2100. The value is hardcoded in the KBVersioningSNC script include. I think in theory you could even set it to go all the way to 12-31-9999. I haven't checked in later releases to see if this is still a thing. The knowledge manager in me cringes at that thought...articles are not a document repository lol.

  7. AT&T Fiber and Carolina Connect if it goes that far.

  8. more like natural evolution of money

  9. I've bought and sold these headphones twice, every time they come up for sale I'm always tempted to get another pair. For $100 I can definitely recommend it.

  10. A balanced cable will let you use the headphone with some higher end amplifiers that have a 4 pin XLR or 4.4mm pentaconn output (as an example). It can give more power to the headphones and potentially a cleaner and improved sound (this is also very subjective). A nice upside to using balanced is removing potential EMI that could otherwise distort the sound.

  11. 660S. Had the 600 for a week when it was $299, it's good but not worth the full $399 USD they're asking for right now.

  12. Has anyone ordered from Originative lately? There are a few things still listed and I'm wondering if they're actually still around.

  13. My take specifically on DACs - I shop for sources based on their feature set. At some point you may want your DAC to do something that others may not be able to do. E.g. I want to get into SACDs, so I will need a SACD transport and a DAC capable of getting the DSD layer from the SACD. The Yggdrasil could be a fantastic DAC and 10x better than my DirectStream Jr. but since the Yggdrasil is PCM/Redbook only it would not work for what I am trying to accomplish. Then there are other things like the parts being used, how the chipset is implemented, etc. Personally I noticed a jump going from a Bifrost 2 to the Directstream but spending 3x as much did not yield a 3x improvement in sound. My take purely for sound quality is to look at the mid-range units like Bifrost and figure out what it is you’re really after in a DAC, and go from there.

  14. Did you also see it from ZReviews, j/w as the upload today popped into my recommendations and I just finished watching it (I got almost no useful info from it, of course)

  15. I did indeed see it on ZReviews channel, you're right. I also didn't get anything useful from the video.

  16. Nice, I’m sure you will enjoy it. I’ve had my 6XX since 2018. Scales with everything I’ve thrown at it. Wallet only keeps getting emptier from here…

  17. Seeing the cow reminded me of the Top Gear news clip Cows or Cars?

  18. Oh dang that sounds like a LOT of additional gizmos to use the 800s with.

  19. It sounds like a lot, but is maybe one or two extra components in the system.

  20. Why is that sensitivity argued as bad sometimes? I heard people say it's bad for soft music? Soft like sad music? So, bad for piano, violins, calm guitar playing? Curious since lots of NieR music is sad and slow. Or might have soft calming tones like in "rays of light" (city ruins) from NieR:Automata.

  21. With headphones higher sensitivity would mean less volume/power needed to get the drivers performing to their capability, but there's other factors involved like impedance and the size of the driver itself. Sometimes headphones with high sensitivity may be inefficient. This could cause someone to do something like crank the volume up on their amp to try and get more detail out of a soft-sounding instrument, leading to clipping/distortion/driving the headphone to dangerous levels affecting hearing.

  22. A dialysis care center (Davita)

  23. I have the Sundara and use them with an iFi Zen DAC and iFi Zen Can. For less than £280 combined, I couldn't be more happy with the sound or power available. I don't have any experience of more expensive equipment, but would be reluctant to spend more without a significant increase in performance. To be honest, I can only think that the diminishing returns are even greater than that with headphones.

  24. Funny you say that as I saw the Zen Dac V2 on sale for $159 US at amazon. Something to think about in place of the Atom+. Thanks.

  25. I absolutely love my ADI-2 and will tell you more but my first thought would be that your experience will be changed much more by getting a high end headphone than an amp/dac. To me it is 80/20 where 80 is the headphone and 20 is the amp/dac. With that out of the way, the ADI-2 is everything I could ever want and more. If you don’t plan on using software eq then this thing is amazing. I love that it has a 5 band + 2 that are adjustable through the bass and treble knobs which you can set the fr and the q value which is super cool when you want to add or decrease the bass or treble per song. Crossfeed is quite neat for a more speaker like effect though I don’t use it much. Loudness on this device is actually well implemented but I don’t really listen at that low of volume so again don’t use it very much. I love that it has a speaker, headphone and iem output that can be listened to together or independently. This is one of my favorite features as it allows me to listen and share my headphone experience at the same time as my girlfriend, dad or friend. I typically listen through my IEMs where the other I am showing off a headphone to but get to listen together instead of me sitting there like a creep with a face that screams, “do you like it!?”. The DAC competes with $1k+ DACs on the market and is everything I am looking for and the headphone amp is more than capable of running all of my headphones (Arya Stealth, DT 990 pro). Additionally I love that the output volume are separate so I don’t go from my headphones or speakers and destroy my IEMs or even have to worry about it. It also has the sickest visualizer on the market, that while silly and unnecessary, is really fun to look at while I listen to music and really adds a nice tough to the aesthetic on my desk. The manual explains everything in so much detail which is super refreshing. I would describe the sound as clean and detailed. At the end of the day, I couldn’t be happier which the ADI-2 but definitely feel that headphones are more important. If you are just trying to buy once and then explore headphones the this will definitely get you where you want to go.

  26. Thanks for the reply. That is pretty cool both headphone outputs are active at the same time, I don't think it's a super common feature. Two other things I'm liking about the ADI are the inputs, being able to handle an Apple TV (optical) and CD transport via coax in one box is compelling. Plus the remote. My last two dacs have had remotes and I'm spoiled now...

  27. Congrats that’s a nice milestone, and a solid clear at that. Are you still a beginner though now that you’re clearing 19’s 😉

  28. Neat idea. Would love to see this at my store but pretty sure one of the senior techs there would consider having bottled drinks on the midway their worst nightmare and kick everyone out.

  29. Congrats! The Aventure is a nice bike for the price, seeing it for $1599 is making me consider getting another one…

  30. Go for it. I do it somewhat regularly, just opened two accounts with Truist and Wells Fargo for $300/ea. Got my bonuses within 30-60 days. Just make sure you either have enough in the account or deposit enough each month so you don't get hit with fees. Some banks like Chase will also require you to keep the account for a length of time to keep the bonus, and you won't be eligible for another SUB until X amount of time passes since the account closed. With Chase I got a 1099-INT and filed with my taxes, so the real bonus was around $260. I used to do everything out of one account but having several makes it convenient for me to allocate fun money w/my direct deposit and if I get a bonus for doing so, why not.

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