1. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2DTW8QSlf5pkD7DCjI9BDo?si=vIlmanMXR6iXfof8_4G6Ew

  2. Happy Pablo Too Easy Flowers First Time In A Long Time True Love Security Get Lost Broken Road We Did It Kid

  3. ong, i was at a pierre show in august and i was basically front row just behind a pair of pierre's groupies and this bitch just lights a blunt mid show and is blowing all the smoke in my face basically whilst i am hot ass shit, sweating my nuts off and inhaling this stank ass weed. and then the bitch has the nerve to start looking at me funny cuz people keep pushin forward

  4. i mean think about it how does that line make any sense💀

  5. It sounds good, but I just don't like the lyrics so it takes me out of the song

  6. Obviously the deluxe wasn’t gonna be a completely new sound from the original album dawg

  7. probably a song with ken and lone and then maybe another lone ft. he was on 2 songs on x and carti actually posted abt lone when his album was about to drop when he didnt do it for ken

  8. What actually implies that it's music and not clothes other than these guys being rappers

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