Regarding the proposed regulatory reforms by the SEC. I'm getting blasted by downvotes wherever I try to draw attention to this.

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  1. 0xCf2b9cb897B1CD35340150e82Ddb5Dc0848AF215 Thank you!

  2. That's all i can see now 😳. Also f*** golf

  3. No, golf is very fun and a beautiful sport to enjoy!

  4. Don't know if you all member or not but I member when 5mil. volume was considered fairly low. This year the market also closed early and we barely got by half a mil volume. Dry fuse.

  5. I'm not sure but I thought I remembered that after 08 it was basically made illegal for institutions and individuals as part of some of the reforms, but Market Makers still have loopholes today. If you notice though the link to this article is from 2005.

  6. Imagine being so regarded that instead of just owning your shares you come up with some bizarre scheme that anyone could obscure to get a share count. If only there was a place that after owning your shares you could store them. And in this storage place they are safe from short sellers attacking your beloved company. 🤦🏼‍♂️Do your research. Own your shares.

  7. Man what a great idea. When you put said shares in said safe place we could call it "Doing Regarded Shit". Maybe D.... R.... S for shorthand? I dunno just spitballing🤷

  8. 100% Mario day. Convinced a friend to drop a grand two days before. We watched as the price plummeted and he lost half of what he put in (stop losses). He never looked at gme again. I had set up stop losses too but for some strange reason they never triggered, and I'm glad they didn't, because I was filled with rage that day. Had they filled it's very possible that even though I was mad I might have cut my losses, but instead I had a few hours to cool down and collect my thoughts. It was pretty damn obvious that something fuckey was going on and that someone really wanted to scare retail into selling. That's when I read every scrap of dd I could get my hands on and I've never looked back.

  9. A-fuckingmen. Well said. I don't understand ppl on here defending his short position. I get he's a future buyer, I get that he bought at the top unlike most shf's who bought sub $10, O get that ppl including RC look up to him, but the fact remains he is shorting my favorite company. He currently doesn't believe in GME's fundamentals, or in the possibility of a short squeeze. If you're short even one share on GME then you don't think there's a squeeze in GameStop much less Moass, bc you wouldn't want to get caught up when it rockets. That's fine, no hard feelings, bc when the day comes I'll gladly take Ichan's money too, it spends just like citadel's.

  10. 🤣slutty dragon. I'm using that term in lieu of billionaire, from here on out! Also agree with everything u said.

  11. So mud daubers sting spiders, paralyzing them and storing them in those nests along with eggs that they lay. When I was a kid I remember knocking the nests off the side of the house and it was the creepiest, grossest thing ever, to see dozens of half paralyzed spiders trying to crawl away. The wasps don't kill the spiders so that their offspring have a fresh meal when they hatch. So gross. You definitely want that outside.

  12. 0xCf2b9cb897B1CD35340150e82Ddb5Dc0848AF215

  13. 🤷 just means we were cheated 4 shares, but boom boom dildo candles one day for sure.

  14. Uh, yes. Yes it is more expensive. Smh. I'm from Appalachia, grew up middle class, had a lot of friends who were poor af though, and this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. The peanut in a soda thing is true, but it's not Mountain Dew🤦 it's Coke or Pepsi, and it's not bc coffee it's sooo expensive, it's just bc SOME people, (and I would emphasize some bc hardly anyone) liked the taste.

  15. Honestly. I live in Houston and just got a job offer in Asheville. You know how long I sit in traffic reach day? An hour to work and an hour home. The traffic you are dealing with in Asheville is laughable.

  16. Yeah I wouldn't even call it "traffic"

  17. You Friday Shill! It's Thursday. 🤣 😉

  18. Me to myself: don’t talk about GameStop don’t talk about GameStop don’t talk about GameStop

  19. Does this mean how many shares where traded today as in only 555K shares where traded?

  20. Yep. Vol was 2.22m. If you take into account the split ÷ by 4 you get 555k

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