1. Who? Tyler is derivative too, he’s slightly more original than Yachty but that’s about it. He’s not good either.

  2. I'm pretty sure the silent generation is all dead except for a few now.

  3. They’re still around and they still trend towards the Democratic Party in elections. But a small and very old group for sure

  4. That's an interesting factoid. I just assumed the WW2 generation already died a while ago

  5. Hey this was a literally me. I have a picture of me with the box very similar

  6. Who gives a fuck? Are you seriously so reddit brained that you think it’s “actively dangerous” to post “vaccine conspiracies”? He’s a rapper from a defunct group bruh DANGEROUS is so corny .I’m literally vaccinated, it could not matter less to me

  7. That simply isn’t Merlyn’s problem. Not to mention the fact that Merlyn is entirely justified in his skepticism of the CDC considering the proven fact that they flip flopped about masks during the early pandemic.

  8. "They changed mask policy one time so that means vaccines are all fake and that famous people in no way have any influence on people."

  9. Nah it’s just some loser fucking nerd taking popular culture and combining it with 80’s nostalgia using a tool that steals art.

  10. The cops in Uvalde shot a kid and that's why they all just froze and told their men to stop going in there

  11. No? Entire parts of the world circumcise their amab babies.

  12. This joke is so close to greatness. If only OP remembered that it’s the dad‘s genes that pick the gender

  13. I do also watch out you said the s word the bot will come for you now

  14. I bet they're so excited to use Tyler's 2017 vibe to say that gay people aren't real or something 😅

  15. Yeah its amazing the amount of research people will do to hate on things lol.

  16. There are people out there who think that "minority" only consist of racial minorities

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